Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall
King of Gate 2018
Attendance: 700

1. Yosuke♡Santa Maria, Kagetora, Shun Skywalker⭕️ (8:35 Skywalker Moonsault) Dragon Kid, Gamma, Problem Dragon❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕️ (5:17 Ankle Hold) Kaito Ishida❌
3. Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu⭕️ (8:39 Shot-put Slam) Don Fujii, Hyo Watanabe❌
4. C Block League Match: Eita△ (20:00 Time Limit Draw) Punch Tominaga△
5. D Block League Match: Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (9:55 Jumbo no Kachi!gatame) Ryo Saito❌
6. Kzy⭕️, Genki Horiguchi, “brother” YASSHI (8:41 Skayde Schoolboy) Masato Yoshino, Ben-K, Jason Lee❌
7. A Block League Match: Yasushi Kanda (5:44 Countout) YAMATO
8. B Block League Match: Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (15:10 Cyber Bomb) BxB Hulk❌

Antias attacked Over Generation after the opener. Eita has said it before and will say it again. OG are useless and should disband immediately. When are they going to just give up and do it? He rambled about hating Gong Kids and children in general until Dragon Kid confronted him. He knows nothing about Over Generation. He betrayed them in favor of his own selfish goals. He keeps talking about disbanding. Antias are the useless unit. How many members do they even have in the building today? 3? That’s pretty sorry. Eita told him to shut up. The three of them were enough to take out OG. They brawled again until Ishida hit the ring and took Eita out with a kick. He was tired of Eita talking bad about Over Generation. He would do anything to keep them going. He told DK that if anyone had something to say about Over Generation they would have to answer to him. He was all fired up so he demanded Mochizuki immediately come out for their match.

Mochizuki was impressed. He wasn’t happy about getting kicked in the face so many times, but there are many different ways to have a pro wrestling match and he doesn’t mind this one. He doesn’t know what Ishida wants to do with his career, but he advised him to pick a path and walk it with no hesitation.

Punch celebrated getting 1 point out of the draw. He didn’t win, but he also didn’t lose. A match like this for someone like him, not losing is big. He wasn’t going to give up his hopes of making it out of his block. If Doi loses all of his remaining matches and he can beat DK he has a chance. He isn’t giving up. Eita had no comment.

Kanda gave YAMATO a Ryu’s on a pile of chair and left him for dead, scoring a count out win. Kanda said that if he bothers to get motivated he can beat someone like YAMATO any time he wants. The others in his block are on notice. He’s in to win this year.
YAMATO was embarrassed and annoyed by the tactics Kanda used. In hindsight this probably should have only been the second match on the card. He will pay him back next time they face off. He still has 2 league matches left, so KOG was still within reach. That they are against young generation stars Ben-K & Shun is just an added bonus. He’s looking forward to it. He lost today to some vile veteran tactics. He lost, but he learned something new. He won’t go down so easily next time and is still confident he will make it out of his block.

Yoshida defeated Hulk with surprising ease. Now all he has to do is beat Jason Lee and B Block will belong to him. This is the year of Takashi Yoshida and King of Gate belongs to him.
YAMATO complained that Antias get really carried away on the rare occasions that they manage a win. He knows Hulk is capable of better. What’s wrong?
Hulk said he is tired and beat up. This might be his maximum capability now. It’s not common knowledge but he had another surgery at the beginning of the year. He just never quite got back up to speed afterwards. He was planning on King of Gate being the start of his revival, but he’s out here still all beat up and losing to someone like Yoshida. YAMATO tried to fire him up. KOG was just getting started. Hulk agreed. There was still a lot left. He’s always been pretty beaten up. Dislocated shoulders, broken jaws, torn ligaments. The thing that hasn’t broken is his heart. That will to succeed for the sake of Tribe Vanguard. Even if just one of them has success, it means good things for the unit. Just one of YAMATO, Hulk, Kage, or Maria winning KOG means Tribe Vanguard has succeeded. The BxB Story isn’t ending. Tribe Vanguard isn’t ending. The best is yet to come.