09/09/2015 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall – 1850 Attendance
0. El Lindaman, Draztick Boy⭕ (5:50 Constanza) Mondai Ryu, Punch Tominaga❌
1. Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu⭕, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (10:12 Shot-put Slam) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kanda❌, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin
2. Summer Adventure Tag League 2015 A Block: BxB Hulk, Kzy⭕ (14:17 Skayde Schoolboy) Dragon Kid❌, Flamita
3. T-Hawk (11:58 No Contest after Kotoka interference) Eita
4. Summer Adventure Tag League 2015 B Block: Sumo Fuji, Ryo “Sumo” Saito⭕ (14:37 SaiRyo Rocket) CIMA, Gamma❌
5. Shingo Takagi, Cyber Kong, Kotoka⭕ (17:50 Caldera) Masato Yoshino, Akira Tozawa, Shachihoko BOY❌
6. Summer Adventure Tag League 2015 A Block: YAMATO, Naruki Doi⭕ (17:07 V9 Clutch) Jimmy Susumu❌, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.

Mondai Ryu kicked and pushed down PT after their match. PT continued in his recent role as manservant and personal slave to Takagi throughout the show. His duties include acting as a chair and as ring steps for the Dream Gate champion.

The Jimmyz came out for the opener, and to unveil the new Jimmyz style name for K-ness. Tanizaki was in his face paint and combat fatigues style. He refused to participate in any of this, and took a seat at ringside. K-ness announced his new name is Jimmy K-ness J.K.S. The J-K-S portion includes a Rob Van Dam-esque finger pointing pose, and fans are encouraged to chant along. He later revealed his image color to be pink.
In the latter portions of the match, Tanizaki lost his cool and attacked his teammates. This allowed Shimizu to pick up the win. The Jimmyz were naturally upset with him. He asked Kanda why he was so mad about being shoved, yet they had a huge problem with him being mad about those two box shots he took from K-ness in Ota. Things got heated, but they were interrupted by Dois’ theme music. This brought out the new heel unit.
Doi was amused by, yet totally uninterested in the Jimmyz dispute. There were more important things to talk about, such as the first Korakuen appearance for the new unit. All of them together would monopolize the spotlight. Kotoka, with his black face paint and red hair, was quick to agree. He mocked the fans for coming out in typhoon like weather conditions. Opposite him today would be Shachihoko BOY, the weakest wrestler in the company. He was an opponent in name only, the match would be over in no time. He repeated a strange sound that resembled “Blehhhh” over and over again to an uncomfortable response. Finally, Doi took the microphone from him. He turned his attention to K-ness. It was all his fault that MAD BLANKEY ended in Ota. But, that lead to his great new unit forming so in the end that was for the best. He was over that. However! What he will not forgive is K-ness causing them to lose to DK & Flamita on the opening night of the tag league. K-ness replied that he wasn’t even in Okinawa. Doi was sure he was there, and that is why they lost. K-ness had no idea what he was going on about, but was starting to think Doi had a crush on him. Doi said that no one gave him permission to not come to Okinawa, so he would pay for it in the main event tonight.

Kotoka, Mondai Ryu, and Kong interfered and attacked T-Hawk, causing the no contest. Kotoka wondered why anyone would cheer for him. Blehhhh. He blamed the end of the Millennials solely on T-Hawk. Blehhhh. Kotoka & Eita will send him straight to hell, while they rise to the top. Blehhhh!

Fujii & Saito appeared in sumo style singlets, reminiscent of the original Sumo Fuji days. CIMA had his replacement teeth knocked out in the latter stages. He had a hard time talking after the match. No teeth, bleeding everywhere, but still CIMA. He wanted to interview the winning sumo stable. He congratulated them and asked Saito a series of questions. With Fujii Heya & Osaka06 tied now at 1 win apiece, is his looking forward to another potential match later in the league? What kind of master was Fujii? Saito responded to all questions with sumo fighter grunts. Fujii promised Fujii Heya would win all the way through the senshuuraku (closing day of a sumo tournament).

Takagi destroyed Shachi again after the match, and tore his mask completely off. Where exactly was this little shit supposed to be a monster, again? What kind of monster could be possibly be? He ran him down for awhile before losing interest in him and his ugly face. He had something more important. The Triangle Gate. He called out the former Veteran Army champion trio. He ripped into them for their half baked attempts at staying relevant despite the Veteran Army being disbanded almost a year ago. Fujii was the worst of the bunch. Why was he doing comedy during important matches? Why was he turning the whole tag league into a joke? Sure, he is a former sumo. That is all well and good, but what he did was blasphemy to real sumos. Fujii threatened to knock his ass all the way down to the 3rd division (the lowest rank in sumo), but Takagi blew that off. They won today, so they want a Triangle Gate title match. Kotoka was thrilled at the idea of taking the titles from this group of near-retirement age old timers. Blehhhh! Gamma put a stop to that with a singapore cane attack. Does Kotoka think putting some black paint on your face suddenly changes how strong you are? Come on now. The Great Gamma would show him what a real heel is. Between the three of them, the champion team has 55 years of experience. The fans and their opponents will all see the difference that makes. The match was set for the October Korakuen.

Tanizaki got in K-ness’s face after the main. He comes along and causes Susumu to lose? What kind of nonsense is that? Horiguchi tried to mediate things. He hoped the Jimmyz would carry along with 7 members. But, there are a lot of problems. How do pro wrestlers settle their problems? In the ring. 1 on 1. Next month in Korakuen. K-ness vs. Tanizaki.
Doi wondered why the losers of the match got to spend so much time talking. Do people want to hear the Jimmyz talk about their disagreements or do they want to hear the name of the new unit? Well. Too bad. He fucking hates Tokyo. Also, they got the new K-ness ringname reveal earlier. So, no unit name for them. The unit will unveil their name on 09/23 in Osaka.
Dia HEARTS came out at this point. Hulk watched the match. He saw cheating, interference, etc. He doesn’t hate anything more than a dirty fighter. Doi wondered if they came out because no one cares about them. Was this an attempt at relevancy? Mochizuki admitted the only DH related thing people were talking about as of late was Shimizu losing his ring gear. Doi badmouthed Shimizu and received an explosive tackle as a response. After some talk, they agreed to a new unit vs. Dia HEARTS match of an unspecified nature for next month in Korakuen.
The Jimmyz, minus Tanizaki, were left to close out the show. Horiguchi promised that soon, all 7 will do the Jimmyz train together. The show ended with Horiguchi singing the Jimmyz theme song.