10/04/2015 Fukuoka, Hakata Star Lanes – 1800 Attendance
0. El Lindaman⭕, Kaito Ishida (8:00 Locomotion German Suplex Hold) Shachihoko BOY, Punch Tominaga❌
1. Mondai Ryu, Kotoka⭕ (11:07 Caldera) Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura❌
2. Dragon Kid, Big R Shimizu⭕, Flamita (13:01 Shot-put Slam) Jimmy Kanda, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin, Draztick Boy❌
3. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! (15:21 SaiRyo Rocket) CIMA, Eita❌
4. Masato Yoshino, Akira Tozawa, T-Hawk⭕ (15:53 Night Ride) BxB Hulk, Masaaki Mochizuki, Kzy❌
5. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: Naruki Doi, YAMATO⭕ (21:24 Galleria) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kness J.K.S.❌
*4th Defense
6. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: Shingo Takagi (24:39 Pumping Bomber) Don Fujii
*1st Defense

The contract signing for the Dream Gate title match was held at the top of the show.
Fujii told him his time limit had elapsed. Takagi kept calling him a 45-year-old piece of trash. Maybe that is true. But today he feels like he is 20 again. His fbig fat waist was going to have a title belt around it at the end of the day. Then he would go downtown and drink all the delicious sake he could find.
Takagi hurled insults and abusive language at him. So what if he feels like he is 20? He’s trash. DRAGON GATE is the cutting edge of high level pro wrestling. Broken down 45 year olds like Don Fujii weren’t welcome. They were embarrassing.

VerzerK took over the ring after their entrance for the opener. Doi said that even though this was their first time in Hakata as a unit, they were already the top unit in the company. He talked about their various title defenses today. For whatever reason, Takagi had to defend against Don Fujii of all people. Easy enough. As for himself & YAMATO, they were stuck fighting K-neSuka again. Again! It didn’t matter. They were the top team and everyone else was a distant second. Now, it was time for the opener and the epitome of the Verzerk name, Kotoka. Kotoka went on his usual tirade. BlehhhhhhzerK were the strongest unit and he was the strongest fighter in DG. If Gamma and that greenhorn Yamamura had any balls whatsoever they would get in the ring and accept their thrashing. Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Before their match, Dia HEARTS talked a bit. DK recovered from knee injury in time for this important show in Hakata. While teaming with Flamita in the tag league, he thought it would be a good fit to bring him into DH full time. He knows Flamita doesn’t understand any Japanese, so he asked the fans to indulge him while he spoke Spanish. “Yo soy Dragon Kid. Eres tú Flamita?” He said they would be very happy if he would consider joining them.
Big said, in broken English: “HEY FLAMITA. ME NAME IS BIG R SHIMIZU. HAVE A NICE DAY.”. He talked this over with Mochizuki and everyone was in agreement. Flamita was welcome if he wanted to join. Flamita accepted, and is now a member of Dia HEARTS.

During the match, Tanizaki & Kanda once again repeatedly hit each other by accident. This lead to them brawling away from the ring, leaving Draztick Boy easy prey for Mr. Big.

DK& Flamita came out after the Twin Gate match. Doi wanted to know why this thrown together, mishmash team was here. Thrown together? Didn’t he see that Flamita has joined DH. Doi said it was news to him. Who cares? DK chastised him for not watching the other matches. Doi was beginning to grow irritated so he asked him what he wanted. DK wanted a Twin Gate title match. He told Doi to accept. Doi was bemused. He figured DK would hurt himself doing his ring entrance again and need to take time off. That wasn’t befitting of a Twin Gate champion. He should just retire instead. DK explained the situation in Spanish to Flamita. Doi reiterated that DK had reached his limits as a wrestler and should just retire. But, he was a fair man. If Flamita could make the challenge in Japanese then he would accept. Flamita responded with a perfect challenge in the local Hakataben dialect. Doi was flustered and demanded to know who taught him that. But, he lived up to his word. He doesn’t run from a challenge. The challenge was accepted. Doi promised payback for losing to them in the tag league.

Takagi celebrated his win. No one should be surprised, after all. Fujii fought well. For an old man. But he should accept that this was reality now. He didn’t want to hear any talk of fighting for the Dream Gate come from his mouth again. Go off and start the Don Fujii Final Countdown to his retirement. VerzerK were fair. They would show up at his farewell match with flowers. He provoked CIMA & Gamma. What he was saying applied to them too. CIMA went after Takagi but was taken out by all of VerzerK. Mochizuki dashed to the ring to make the save.
Takagi told him this had nothing to do with him. Yeah. He was a Dia HEARTS members. But he was also the senior member of the roster. He wasn’t going to put up with Takagi talking all this bullshit about veterans. To reject veterans and their accomplishments is to reject DRAGON GATE history. Takagi told him he was right about one thing. He certainly was senior. Sorry old man, times have changed. He if he wanted to interfere in this altering of generations, Takagi will use brute force to eliminate him. They began fighting. PT intervened and…..gave Takagi a PT Kick to a thunderous ovation!
A person’s life wasn’t a plaything. He was done being his slave. He always said he would never forgive Takagi for what he did to him in the past. That hasn’t changed, and it now extends to all his friends in VerzerK. Takagi crushed him with a Pumping Bomber. If PT wanted to go back to his old life that was fine. It was no big loss. DoiYAMA retained today, he retained. VerzerK have been together for a month and they rule DG. He left things to Kotoka. To celebrate VerzerK winning all their matches today, he had a special closing peech planned. 1-2-3-Blehhhhhhhhhhhhh! He asked the fans to join in, but on 3 he received a kick from Mochizuki. VerzerK departed.

After checking in on Fujii, CIMA told PT this is probably the best thing he has even done. Why did he do it? PT replied that he was done being a slave. He would find his own path, as Punch Tominaga. He warned CIMA, Gamma, & Fujii to stay out of his way. He left.

The veterans & DH members closed things out with the usual speech.