Beginning on August 5th in Kyoto and continuing through September 16th in Osaka all five units will participate in a league series called the 5 Unit Survival Race. During this time period, all matches between units will be considered league matches, regardless of match composition. All units will participate in an equal number of matches during league play. Title matches, dark matches, and any match that also involves an unaffiliated wrestler will not be counted. The bottom two ranking teams at the end of league play will face off in a Unit Disbands match on September 18th at Dangerous Gate. The composition of this match will be determined by the amount of members of the participating units. For example, if both units have five members but a member of one of the units has a scheduled championship match then the disbandment match will be done 4 vs. 4.

The participating units are:
Over Generation
Tribe Vanguard