Crown Gate 2011

11/27/2011 Kagoshima, Orocity Hall – 600 Attendance
1. CIMA, Ricochet⭕ (11:51 Shooting Star Press) Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann❌
2. Gamma (10:31 Pinfall after Failed Space Rolling Elbow) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
3. YAMATO (13:46 Galleria) Ryo Saito
4. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Yasuhiro Yamigami (12:45 Twister) BxB Hulk, Genki Horiguchi❌
5. Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid, PAC⭕ (18:43 Standing Shooting Star Press) Akira Tozawa, Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki❌

11/26/2011 Fukuoka, Yukuhashi Citizens Gym – 800 Attendance
1. CIMA⭕, Ricochet (13:00 Schwein) Dragon Kid, Rich Swann❌
2. Masato Yoshino (0:05 Thrust Kick) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
2. Masato Yoshino (9:49 La Magistral) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
3. YAMATO (10:50 Galleria) Naoki Tanizaki
4. Naruki Doi, Ryo Saito⭕ (15:17 Double Cross) KAGETORA❌, Gamma
5. Masaaki Mochizuki, Shingo Takagi, PAC⭕ (17:48 High Angle Shooting Star Press) Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Genki Horiguchi❌

11/25/2011 Fukuoka, Kokurakita Gymnasium – 850 Attendance
1. Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann⭕ (13:13 Standing 450 Splash) Genki Horiguchi❌, Ricochet
2. Gamma (11:45 Gamma Special) Kotoka
3. Naruki Doi (10:21 Bakatare Sliding Kick) KAGETORA
4. Shingo Takagi, PAC⭕ (15:30 High Angle Shooting Star Press) BxB Hulk, Ryo Saito❌
5. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, YAMATO, Dragon Kid (20:06 Sankakugeri to the Face) CIMA, Akira Tozawa, Naoki Tanizaki❌

11/24/2011 Fukuoka, Jibasan Kurume – 500 Attendance
1. Akira Tozawa, Ricochet⭕ (13:18 Shooting Star Press) Shingo Takagi, Rich Swann❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (11:34 Ankle Hold) Kotoka
3. Gamma (8:51 Gamma Special) Naoki Tanizaki
4. Masato Yoshino, PAC⭕ (14:08 Swandive Firebird Splash) Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi❌
5. CIMA⭕, Naruki Doi, BxB Hulk (19:32 Meteora) YAMATO, KAGETORA❌, Dragon Kid

11/23/2011 Saga, Morodomi Heartful – 1124 Attendance
1. Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann⭕, Gamma (14:14 Standing 450 Splash) Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, Naoki Tanizaki❌
2. Susumu Yokosuka (11:27 Mugen) Kotoka
3. Don Fujii (9:33 Gedo Clutch) KAGETORA
4. Dragon Kid⭕, PAC (14:55 Bible) Naruki Doi, Ricochet❌
5. Akira Tozawa⭕, CIMA, BxB Hulk (24:41 Package German Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO❌, Shingo Takagi

After the opening MC, CIMA & Doi swapped places in their respective matches.

After further talk after the main, CIMA vs. Mochizuki for the Dream Gate was officially set for FINAL GATE.

11/22/2011 Kumamoto, Oguni Dome – 1124 Attendance
1. CIMA, Ricochet⭕ (14:20 Phoenix Splash) Gamma, Rich Swann❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (0:07 Flying Kick) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
2b. Masaaki Mochizuki (8:08 Reverse Figure Four) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
3. Masato Yoshino (12:06 Lightning Spiral) Naoki Tanizaki
4. Dragon Kid, PAC⭕ (13:42 Swandive Firebird Splash) Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi❌
5. Akira Tozawa⭕, BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi (20:36 German Suplex Hold) YAMATO, Shingo Takagi, Kotoka❌

11/20/2011 Mie, Yokkaichi Australia Kinen Hall – 800 Attendance
1. PAC⭕, Gamma (12:46 Standing Shooting Star Press) Akira Tozawa, Naoki Tanizaki❌
2. Don Fujii (8:51 La Magistral Cutback) Rich Swann
3. Dragon Kid (12:58 Bible) Genki Horiguchi
4. YAMATO, Shingo Takagi⭕ (14:40 Pumping Bomber) Naruki Doi, Yasushi Kanda❌
5. CIMA, BxB Hulk⭕, Ricochet (17:6 First Flash) Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, KAGETORA❌

11/19/2011 Osaka, Osaka Prefectural Gym #2 – 1500 Attendance
0. Gamma (4:03 Blitzen) Kotoka
1. Don Fujii, Rich Swann⭕ (14:33 Standing 450 Splash) Cyber Kong, Super Shenlong❌
2. Dragon Kid (11:20 DQ for Ref Attack) Yasushi Kanda
3. Shingo Takagi, YAMATO⭕ (14:23 Galleria) Ryo Saito❌, Genki Horiguchi
4. CIMA⭕, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk (17:23 Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex) Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, KAGETORA❌
5. Open the Triangle Gate: Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki⭕, Kzy (15:59 Implant) Gamma, Shachihoko Machine, Chihiro Tominaga❌
☆2nd Defense for Team Doi Darts
6. Open the Brave Gate: Ricochet (22:40 Double Rotation Moonsault) PAC
☆PAC fails in his 12th Defense, Ricochet becomes the 21st Champion

BW attacked Kid after match two, prompting a save from the Triangle challenger team. A large Tominaga chant erupted almost immediately. After some talk, Super Shenlong came out and asked to be put in the match in place of Tominaga. He was booed loudly, moreso than usual. Tominaga told Shenlong he should watch and study the Triangle Gate match so he could improve himself. This prompted another Tomi chant, and a Shachihoko chant.

After pinning KAGETORA, CIMA said he was cancelling the upcoming SukaTORA Twin Gate challenge. Tozawa asked CIMA to make their match on the BW show a title match. CIMA said he would decide later. KAGETORA was furious, and told CIMA he couldn’t just make decisions like that. CIMA basically told him to shut up and the title match was off.

Kzy completely removed Shachihokos’ mask early in the match. Shachi was taken backstage, leading to a 3 on 2 match for awhile. He re-emerged later as Shisa BOY to even the odds. The challengers were close to winning, but a powder attack turned things back to the champion team. There was some talk about Tomi joining up with JUNCTION THREE, but a definitive answer wasn’t given.

Rico offered up a handshake to PAC, but naturally it lead to a sneak attack. Yoshino & Kid rebuked Rico, telling him that he certainly was not the best high flyer in the world. They both made challenges, so he decided they could fight each other to decide his first challenger. The title match will be at FINAL GATE.

CIMA said he was inspired by Ricochet. He said he wanted to change the DG logo to the BW logo. He said that BW now had all the titles but one, hinting strongly at a Dream Gate challenge.

11/6/2011 Gifu, Tajimi Minoyaki Wholesale Center – 900 Attendance
0. Chihiro Tominaga (4:42 Flying Cross Armbreaker) Eita Kobayashi
1. Ryo Saito, Naoki Tanizaki⭕ (12:31 Libido) Gamma, Shisa BOY❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (0:12 Western Lariat) Stan Ichikawa
2b. Masaaki Mochizuki (9:44 Sasorigatame) Stan Ichikawa
3. Yasushi Kanda⭕, Kzy (11:06 Ryu’s) Rich Swann, Kotoka❌
4. Susumu Yokosuka⭕, Dragon Kid (15:54 Mugen) CIMA, Genki Horiguchi❌
5. Akira Tozawa⭕, BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi (20:51 German Suplex Hold) YAMATO, Shingo Takagi, Super Shenlong❌

11/5/2011 Gifu, Gifu Chamber of Commerce – 700 Attendance
1. Genki Horiguchi, Diablo⭕ (15:02 Akuma Kubi Oridan) Gamma, Super Shenlong
2. Open the Owarai Gate: Swann Hansen (0:19 Western Lariat) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
2b. Open the Owarai Gate: Swann Hansen (8:01 Western Lariat) Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa
☆Swann becomes the 16th Champion via fan judgement
3. Dragon Kid (14:56 Bible) Ryo Saito
4. YAMATO, Masato Yoshino (14:30 Sol Naciente) BxB Hulk, Yasushi Kanda❌
5. CIMA, Naruki Doi, Akira Tozawa⭕ (20:27 Package German Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, Susumu Yokosuka❌, Shingo Takagi

The traditional opening BW vs. JIII rope separated talk battle started off the show. CIMA talked about Cyber being out of the unit. He said that it didn’t matter because they had Gifu local Diablo teaming up with them today. He and Tozawa took turns mocking Susumu for being boring and wondered why he was in the main event. Susumu said he may be boring, but he was still going to beat them. Gamma turned to Diablo, since they have a bit of a history as friends (they frequently were partners when DG runs Gifu since Diablo is on most shows from the area). He vowed to beat him today. Unfortunately he had Shenlong as a partner.

11/4/2011 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall – 1680 Attendance
1. K-ness, Taku Iwasa⭕, Kenichiro Arai (10:16 Noshigami) Don Fuji, Kotoka❌, Super Shenlong
~Blood Warriors vs. JUNCTION THREE Tug of War 6 vs. 5 Singles Match Series~
2. Rich Swann (3:31 Standing 450 Splash) Naoki Tanizaki
3. Genki Horiguchi (5:11 Backslide from Hell) KAGETORA
4. Ryo Saito (5:03 Double Cross) Super Shisa
5. Susumu Yokosuka (6:47 Yokosuka Cutter) Tomahawk T.T, Tomahawk Kzy❌
6. Dragon Kid (9:36 Bible) Yasushi Kanda
7. Susumu Yokosuka, KAGETORA⭕ (2:54 Ikkitousen) Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi❌
8. Blood Warriors vs. JUNCTION THREE Yagi Bread Survival Loser Leaves Unit Match: Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO⭕, Shingo Takagi, Masato Yoshino, Gamma (40:01 Sleeper Hold) CIMA, Naruki Doi, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk, Cyber Kong❌

JIII celebrated their win. Saito said it wasn’t a perfect win since he & Horiguchi both won. KAGETORA said it was a cheap win, since Horiguchi needed a low blow. Both sides agreed to a match, but Saito said they wouldn’t be waiting until next month. They had a quick match. KAGETORA said the win over Maraha Isappa showed the power he & Susumu had as a team, and they would use it to win the Twin Gate.

Kong is now kicked out of Blood Warriors. His former teammates weren’t sympathetic. Tozawa said that a loser was a loser. Hulk said he didn’t care. Doi called the end of the Bosoujyuu team. CIMA said someone who gives up in such a situation wasn’t necessary.

He demanded a chance for some revenge, so he will get a singles match with YAMATO next month in Korakuen.

Also set for the December Korakuen is the Spike Mohicans vs. Yokosuka Ichoume Twin Gate match.

After the way BW turned on him, Kong seems to be happy to be away from them. He said that he lost, so what is done is done. He would just become the king of beasts and wreak new havoc in the ring on his own.

Meanwhile, BW were also quick to move on. They badmouthed him a bit more backstage. Then Tozawa said that things were all going according to plan. He was looking forward to the 12/1 Korakuen, as was Hulk. So, the two appear to have something big planned.

CIMA said with Uhaa Nation coming they didn’t need Kong anyway. With Nation & Ricochet, BW would now have both the top power fighter and high flyer from America.

11/3/2011 Kyoto, KBS Hall – 900 Attendance
0. Kotoka (5:50 Camel Clutch) Yosuke Watanabe
1. Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid, Gamma (11:22 Pumping Bomber) Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki, Kzy❌
2. Cyber Kong (4:12 Pineapple Bomber) Eita Kobayashi
3. YAMATO (7:11 DQ for Ref Attack) Yasushi Kanda
4. Susumu Yokosuka, KAGETORA⭕ (12:55 Kagenui) Akira Tozawa❌, Genki Horiguchi
5. CIMA, BxB Hulk⭕ (14:00 First Flash) Masato Yoshino, Rich Swann❌
6. Open the Dream Gate: Masaaki Mochizuki (27:26 Sankakugeri to the Face) Ryo Saito
☆6th Defense for Mochizuki

Saito revealed his big plan. He was backing out of the main event. He said there was nothing in it for him to do the match, so he was boycotting unless the Dream Gate was put up. After some arguing, Yagi gave the GO sign for it to become a title match. Mochizuki promised to obliterate Saitos’ jaw with kicks.

Yokosuka Ichoume made a challenge to the Twin Gate after their wins yesterday and today.

After the main event, it was time for Doi Darts Second. This time around, it was to decide the next Triangle Gate challenging team on the 19th. The unaffiliated and comedy roster members were added to the board. Doi said he was reserving a spot for Gamma, so he could exact revenge on him for destroying the last board. Gamma was pleased. However, Doi added that as a penalty for his free spot, he would also have to compete in the opening match that day. Then it came time for the game. The first target hit was………….Shachihoko Machine! The second was even more shocking……Chihiro Tominaga …. !

Gamma was less than pleased. He asked if he still had to do two matches, since his team was penalty enough. Doi refused. However, he was going to waive the two count rules for this one. He said he may regret that, since the opposing team was so strong. 

11/2/2011 Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall – 1100 Attendance
1. Dragon Kid, Rich Swann⭕ (11:07 Standing 450 Splash) Taku Iwasa, Super Shenlong❌
2. Yasushi Kanda (6:57 Ryu’s) Kotoka
3. Shingo Takagi, Masato Yoshino⭕ (12:30 Lightning Spiral) BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanizaki{}L
4. Susumu Yokosuka, KAGETORA (13:48 Jumbo no Kachi!gatame) Naruki Doi, Cyber Kong❌
5. CIMA, Ryo Saito⭕, Akira Tozawa (22:10 Premium Bridge) Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO, Gamma❌

Kanda berated Kotoka for his continued lack of growth. He said he should be ashamed of himself for not accomplishing anything in his career. Backstage, Kotoka was deeply affected by Kandas’ insults. He mentioned the impending arrival of yet another BW sponsored foreigner, Uhaa Nation. He said with the constant influx of talent from DGUSA, he has had fewer and fewer chances to improve and make an impact. Thus, even though he has no idea what kind of fighter Uhaa is, he is challenging him to a match.

Mochizuki brought up the problems in JIII, particularly the alarming Osaka 06 reunion from the DG:UK shows. CIMA said Gamma asked him. Gamma responded by avoiding the subject. Still, Mochizuki said he trusted his stablemate and they shook hands.

After the main, Saito said he had something big planned for tomorrow.

CIMA then told Mochizuki the real reason for the Osaka 06 revival. He said the promotor of the shows e-mailed them both in English. Gamma didn’t understand it, so he didn’t reply to say no. CIMA accused Gamma of thinking it was spam or a chain mail. So, Gamma and Mochizuki have reconciled their problems. Perhaps Mochizuki is now mad at Mark Sloan.

Doi (who wrestled in Cyber Kong themed gear & mask earlier), came out to give a sneak peak at the Doi Darts Second that will go down in Kyoto tomorrow. He said that the leveled up version of the wildly popular game wouldn’t just be related to BW & JIII, but the unaligned and comedy divisions would also be involved……Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

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