03/28 Glorious Gate

Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall
1000 Attendance

0. Tryout Exhibition Match: Eita (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Ciclón Ramírez Jr
1. Don Fujii⭕, Dragon Kid, U-T (11:20 HIMEI) Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura, Kaito Ishida❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (0:07 Open Hand Slap) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (9:18 Pinned after failed chair attack) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
3. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!⭕, Jimmy Susumu (9:40 Backslide from Heaven) Naoki Tanizaki❌, Problem Dragon
4. Kzy (9:30 Skayde Schoolboy) Jimmy Kanda
5. Ryoko “Mammy” Saito⭕, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (15:06 SaiRyo Rocket) CIMA, Eita❌
6. MONSTER EXPRESS Selection vs. Verserk Selection 8 Man Tag Team Match: Masato Yoshino, Akira Tozawa, T-Hawk, Big R Shimizu⭕ (17:28 Shot-put Slam) Shingo Takagi❌, Naruki Doi, YAMATO, Kotoka

CIMA spoke at the beginning of the show. He had someone he wanted to introduce. Many foreigners have come and gone over the years, but currently, there are no foreign performers competing regularly in DRAGON GATE. This fighter came all the way from Mexico just to have a tryout. His name is Ciclon Ramirez Jr. Today he will have a 5-minute exhibition with Eita.

Since this was his first time in Sambo Hall in nearly two years, Ichikawa was determined not to lose to Mochizuki today. He typically loses in a few seconds to him. However, today he has come up with a plan to counter the usual swift attack and HE will be the one that scores the instant pin. After being pinned in seconds, he begged for a rematch.

Kotoka accidentally hit Tanizaki with powder, causing his loss. They argued afterwards.

Maria came out alone for the semi-final. CIMA reminded her that this was a tag team match. She was Brave Gate champion and very strong, but she still needed a partner. Maria said she found the cutest, most stylish partner which with make a hot mess out of CIMA & her beloved Eita today. SHe introduced her new friend, Ryoko “Mammy” Saito!

YAMATO struck Takagi with the box in the closing stages, leading to him being pinned. Sorry wasn’t going to cut it this time. Takagi wondered if he wanted a fight. YAMATO insisted it was an accident. Takagi & Shimizu have similar ring costumes. An easy and totally understandable mistake. Doi calmed things down. However, in the end, it was Takagi that was pinned. The Dream Gate champion losing to the likes of Shimizu was also unacceptable. Kotoka noted that Tanizaki also lost today. Tanizaki flipped out since that was all Kotokas’ fault. Problem Dragon tried to mediate but everyone pushed him down. Doi told Kotoka that he was almost out of patience with his negative impact on the Verserk power balance. He better prove himself soon, or there would be problems.

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03/27 Glorious Gate

Kochi, Sanpia Celez
700 Attendance

1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu⭕, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (15:40 Yokosuka Cutter) Masato Yoshino, Shachihoko BOY❌, Kzy
2. YAMATO (9:27 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Jimmy Kanda
3. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Dragon Kid (12:14 Twister) Takehiro Yamamura❌, Kaito Ishida
4. T-Hawk, Big R Shimizu⭕ (15:41 Shot-put Slam) Jimmy Kness J.K.S.❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito
5. CIMA⭕, Eita, Gamma (20:06 Meteora) Shingo Takagi, Naruki Doi, Kotoka❌

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03/26 Glorious Gate

Fukui, Sun Dome Fukui
850 Attendance

1. Masato Yoshino⭕, T-Hawk, Shachihoko BOY (16:30 Lightning Spiral) CIMA, Eita, El Lindaman❌
2. Dragon Kid (11:46 Hurricanrana) Kzy
3. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kanda⭕ (11:16 Diving Elbow Drop) Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura❌
4. Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕, Big R Shimizu (15:36 Leg Roll Clutch) Naoki Tanizaki, Kotoka❌
5. Shingo Takagi, Naruki Doi⭕, YAMATO (20:19 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Masaaki Mochizuki, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌, Jimmy Susumu

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03/21 MEMORIAL GATE in Wakayama

Wakayama, Wakayama Prefectural Gym – MEMORIAL GATE in Wakayama 2016
1150 Attendance

0. Shachihoko BOY (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Kaito Ishida
1. Jimmy Kanda, Kzy⭕ (8:27 Kzy Time) El Lindaman, Takehiro Yamamura❌
2. Big R Shimizu (4:26 Shot-put Slam) Problem Dragon
3. Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma⭕ (0:11 Axe Bomber) Don Fujii, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
3b. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Gamma (9:55 Pinned after failed chair attack) Don Fujii, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
4. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Yosuke♡Santa Maria (17:25 Neraiuchi♡) Naoki Tanizaki
☆1st Defense
5. CIMA, Eita⭕, Punch Tominaga (15:56 NOVA) Jimmy Susumu, Dragon Kid❌, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!
6. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Masato Yoshino, Akira Tozawa⭕, T-Hawk (18:53 High-speed German Suplex Hold) Naruki Doi, YAMATO, Kotoka❌
☆3rd Defense
7. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: Shingo Takagi (24:13 Pumping Bomber) Ryo “Jimmy” Saito
☆1st Defense

The contract signing for the Dream Gate title match was held at the start of the show.
Saito spoke first, greeting the Wakayama fans. Since DG only comes to Wakayama once a year he was very happy to be fighting for the Dream Gate title today. He would put an end to Takagi. As payback for all his bad mouthing of the Jimmyz, and for all he has put the fans through recently. With the fans support and the spirit of the Jimmyz with him, he would surely win.
Takagi praised him for his sentiments. For the fans? For the Jimmyz? What a bunch of bullshit. He knows Saito has a lower back injury. It would be broken in half today. Saito was going to enter a world he didn’t belong in. A world where only the strong survive.

Kotoka accidentally hit Tanizaki while trying to interfere, allowing Maria to win. Tanizaki gave him a bodyslam for his trouble afterwards.

Takagi celebrated and boasted. What would Saito do now? Did his back hurt? Poor thing. He should go away. If he’s gone that means Kotoka can wrestle more. Everyone wins. He was disgusted by Saitos’ hair. He called Kotoka, who came to the ring with scissors. This is what happens to the weak in the new Dragon Gate. This is how things work. He cut Saitos’ hair.
Next, Takagi turned to YAMATO & Doi. Surely they would respect and praise him now. Doi told him to calm down. Sure, he won today. Cool. All due respect given. He brought the title back to Verserk like he promised, so everything is good on that front as far as Doi sees it. However, he is not pleased with Kotoka. With Kotoka around, their power balance is off. He can’t accept that. Takagi was confused. As long as he has the Dream Gate around his waist, the balance of power was fine. With the tension starting to boil, Doi, YAMATO, & Tanizaki left together. Problem Dragon seemed like he wanted to do the same, but Takagi forced him to stay. Takagi & Kotoka were left in the ring for the official belt presentation ceremony.
The crowd was lukewarm as always. Takagi lamented the lack of reaction. This is reality. Shingo Takagi was the winner. Ryo Saito is a loser. The loss to Susumu only helped him regain his focus. No more half measures. The weak would be eaten. Only the strong survive.

The Jimmyz were left to salvage the ending of the show. Saito thanked the fans for coming. He apologized for losing, and the disgraceful haircutting scene. He brought up the DEAD or ALIVE cage match. The natural course of action was to challenge Takagi & Kotoka for that match. But he wasn’t going to do that. He’s been growing his hair out for two years. This was as good a time as any to cut it. He would return to his old short hair style now. Or maybe he would try something like what Horiguchi has…..
Horiguchi noted that he was all natural, no styling needed.
They ended things with a Jimmyz Train to send the Wakayama fans home happy.

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03/20 Glorious Gate

03/20/2016 Aichi, Nagoya Congress Center – U-T Homecoming – 950 Attendance
1. Takehiro Yamamura⭕, Kaito Ishida (11:28 Modified Fisherman Suplex Hold) Don Fujii, U-T❌
2. Naoki Tanizaki⭕, Problem Dragon (12:22 Implant) Masaaki Mochizuki, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
3. Big R Shimizu (8:48 Shot-put Slam) El Lindaman
4. Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Kzy⭕ (15:39 Skayde Schoolboy) CIMA, Eita, Punch Tominaga❌
5. YAMATO, Kotoka (13:08 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Akira Tozawa, T-Hawk❌
6. Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Jimmy Kanda (18:58 SaiRyo Rocket) Shingo Takagi, Naruki Doi❌, Cyber Kong

Fujii berated U-T for once again losing in his hometown to someone of lower rank.

Eita came out in the new Dragon Kid shirt that was released today. He once again pleaded with DK to be his mentor. DK was more interested in the t-shirt. Why was he wearing that? Eita said that when he saw it, he just HAD to buy one. DK noted that today was the first day they were available. Anyway. Stop with the mentor stuff. Give it up. They argued until PT called for some sanity. He reminded them that they had a very important match coming up together, where his very career was on the line. Maybe they should at least pretend to care about that…..

GM Takayuki Yagi appeared after intermission. The annual DEAD or ALIVE event from Aichi Prefectural Gym is on May 5th. As is now the annual tradition, there will be a steel cage match there. The specific rules and details are still under consideration, but he is now openly accepting participants. Anyone who wants to settle a grudge is welcome to come to him. He warned them that there will be risks, so they should think long and carefully before doing so.

YAMATO celebrated. He said he didn’t feel all that great earlier today, but when he got in the ring he sprang back to life. T-Hawk took his Twin Gate title, so YAMATO was going to take something from him. Tomorrow in Wakayama, Verserk would take the Triangle Gate.

Kotoka accidentally hit Doi with powder, causing the main event loss. Doi shoved him to the ground after the match. What did he think he was doing? Because of him, the team he was at ringside to support lost. Because of him, Doi came all the way to Nagoya to get beaten. They have a Triangle Gate title match tomorrow. He told him to get his shit together. He briefly mentioned the cage match. He wasn’t sure if anyone from Verserk would be in it. Right now that doesn’t matter. The focus is tomorrow and the Triangle Gate. All of Verserk but Takagi left. Saito confronted him.
They also had a title match tomorrow. He won today, and he will win tomorrow. That is a promise. He won’t forgive, and he won’t forget all of the trash talking Takagi did towards the Jimmyz. He was there to see the fans carry Susumu to a title win in Hakata. He would have that spirit with him, along with the spirit of all Jimmyz members.
Takagi wasn’t moved by his speech. He just got his title back and he had no intention of losing it again. Saito would be destroyed tomorrow, and Shingo Takagi will stand tall as Dream Gate champion.

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