11/09 The Gate of Victory 2016

Chiba, TKP Garden City Chiba
Jimmy Kanda Homecoming

1. Naruki Doi, Jimmy Kagetora, Peter Kaasa⭕ (14:31 Kaasa Tornado II) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Punch Tominaga❌
2. Don Fujii (7:28 Nodowa Otoshi) Kaito Ishida
3. Masato Yoshino, Eita⭕ (13:13 Numero Uno) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito
4. T-Hawk⭕, El Lindaman (9:58 Norte) Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu❌
5. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk, Kzy (22:53 Galleria) Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Susumu, Futa Nakamura❌

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11/06 The Gate of Victory


Gifu, Tajimi Minoyaki Wholesale Center
Problem Dragon Homecoming
900 Attendance

1. Gamma, Big R Shimizu⭕ (14:06 Shot-put Slam) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda❌
2. BxB Hulk (10:29 First Flash) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!
3. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Naruki Doi (12:15 Twister) YAMATO, Yuki Yoshioka❌
4. Masato Yoshino⭕, Dragon Kid (13:02 Torbellino Crucifix) Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌, Jimmy Kagetora
5. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, Problem Dragon⭕, El Lindaman (21:07 Problem) Don Fujii, Eita, Shun Watanabe❌, Peter Kaasa

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11/05 The Gate of Victory

Shizuoka, Twin Messe Shizuoka
450 Attendance

1. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, El Lindaman (13:06 Pumping Bomber) Dragon Kid, Gamma, Kaito Ishida❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (7:43 Low kick to the face) Hyou Watanabe
3. Masato Yoshino⭕, Eita (13:21 Torbellino Crucifix) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Jimmy Kagetora
4. Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu⭕ (11:49 OTAKEBI) Don Fujii, Yosuke Santa Maria❌
5. YAMATO, BxB Hulk, Peter Kaasa⭕ (17:56 Kaasa Tornado) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda❌

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Osaka, Edison Arena Osaka
7500 Attendance

1. Futa Nakamura, Hyou Watanabe, Shun Watanabe⭕ (6:16 Moonsault Press) Takehiro Yamamura, Kaito Ishida, Punch Tominaga❌
2. Kzy⭕, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (5:20 Kzytime)  “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌, Shachihoko BOY
3. El Lindaman, Problem Dragon (9:59 Locomotion Tiger Suplex Hold) Don Fujii, Gamma❌
4. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Eita (14:48 Numero Uno) Flamita
☆3rd Defense
5. Open the Triangle Gate 3 Way 6 Man Championship Match: Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu, Peter Kaasa vs. “brother” YASSHI, T-Hawk, Cyber Kong
-T-Hawk (17:46 Norte) Shimizu
-Horiguchi (21:27 Backslide from Heaven) Cyber
☆2nd Defense
6. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕ (21:36 Ultra Hurricanrana) Jimmy Susumu❌, Jimmy Kagetora
☆The Jimmyz fail in their 5th Defense, CK-1 become the 40th Champion Team
7. Team Tozawa Akira Final Special 6 Man Tag Team Match: Shingo Takagi, YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk (27:49 Galleria) Akira Tozawa❌, Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi

CIMA noted it had been awhile since he got to talk after winning a title match. He first met Dragon Kid 20 years ago. He was 19, Kid was 21. This year they turn 39 and 41, respectively. Their opponents today are also 15 year veterans. Next up in the main event, the top 6 headliners were going to show Osaka and the world what they can do. They weren’t carrying the load alone, as CK-1 proved today. Mochizuki was also here. Stalker Ichikawa was here. He doesn’t know where Dragon Gate goes from here, but there is still way more to come.

Takagi was harsh with Tozawa, as usual. Things were certainly lined up for a pretty finish, but it wasn’t meant to be. The strong will always be at the top of the food chain. That is how the world works. Even still, he finds himself caught up in the moment. Tozawa showed him what he was made of during the match. They have made a lot of memories together, both good and bad. Good luck over there.
He offered a handshake, but quickly gave a Pumping Bomber. Verserk ran out and put the boots to Tozawa. What bullshit, a graduation match. He can go to America or wherever the hell he wants as long as he goes. Verserk rules!
1 by 1, the entire roster came to the ring to run them off. Takagi chose to live to fight another day and ran off, but promise Verserk would get back at each and every one of them!

YAMATO was entrusted with sending off Tozawa after the match, but it is funny how fate works out. In getting rid of Verserk, the entire roster found their way to the ring. Now would be a good time for a Dragon Gate Graduation Ceremony. Everyone will get a chance to share their memories and give Tozawa a message.

Hulk: Tozawa is the best, and he fucking hates Shingo Takagi.

Doi: Why the sad face? This was the day of his departure. Do it without sadness. Make your dreams reality. He’s jealous that Tozawa has such an opportunity, but so full of respect that he is taking such a risk. Going to America alone, wow. Coincidentally, Doi finds himself alone now too. Dragon Gate is a family, and family stays in touch. Tozawa better drop him a line from time to time.

Yoshino: Naturally, all of his memories are from Monster Express. They spent 3 years together. Before that, they hadn’t talked outside of standard pleasantries. But they became stablemates, they became comrades, and they became friends.

Shimizu: They fought together for only about 6 months, but he received so much advice from Tozawa. He will use that advice to reach the top. BUT! If they ever fight again, the winner will be Big! R! Shimizu!

Flamita: Good luck in America.

Maria said goodbye with a kiss.

Kaasa: He loves him. Not only is he a hell of a wrestler, but he has the heart of a lion.

Tominaga thanked him for all he has taught him over the years.

Nakamura: He only spent about 6 months with Tozawa. While training for his debut, the days that Tozawa was leading the drills were the hardest. He really hated running those 10km marathons. Really hated it. But his stamina is better now and he owes that to Tozawa. He will continue to practice as hard as he can even with Tozawa gone.

Shun said he will miss the bright and funny Akira Tozawa. Good luck in America.

Hyou thanked him for all he taught him. He hopes to one day be able to run like Tozawa can.

Kotoka: Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Yamamura: They were never on the same team, so he didn’t get the chance to talk much with him. Still, he learned so much from him in the dojo. He hopes he can be a wrestler like Tozawa some day.

Kagetora: Go, take your dream. If anyone can do it, it is Tozawa.

Kzy: Recalled their Brave Gate title match. He is so happy to have that memory. He promised to take up Tozawas’ role in making sure everyone is happy and has a good time.

Ichikawa: They always shared banter and small talk backstage. Now, Tozawa is going to America alone. Good luck, the fans all over the world will be cheering.

Gamma wasn’t around, so he doesn’t know what he was like when he debuted. All he remembers is everyone always being mad at him. Go to America, become even bigger than he is now.

Ishida thanked him for all the help he gave him in the last 3 years.

K-ness: Become the greatest Japanese wrestler. No, become the greatest Akira Tozawa you can be.

Kanda: Gamma got it right. Tozawa really pissed Kanda off in those days. Sorry for hitting him. Good luck in America

Susumu: Go, do your best in America. He will stay in Japan and carry this Jimmy name that Tozawa gave him. Stay in touch.

Saito: Pass on your bright, cheerful style to the world. Stay in touch. (Saito noted he still only has an old flip phone, so do it by email).

Horiguchi was in tears. If it is too rough, or he is being mistreated; come back. We will be waiting.

Mochizuki: Tozawas’ leaving will leave a hole that can’t be filled. If he comes back to Japan it probably won’t be with Dragon Gate, but he knows Tozawa can handle whatever comes his way.

Fujii bowed. Tozawa also really pissed him off back in the day. He never thought Tozawa would become what he is today, but he is so happy he got to see it happen.

CIMA: Following Kanda & Fujii he had to talk about the old Tozawa. When he brought Tozawa with him to Dragon Gate USA it was only supposed to be a one week tour. As such, Tozawa only brought enough luggage for a week. Well. CIMA changed his ticket to 6 months later without telling him. You never know what life is going to throw you, so he isn’t going to apologize. He hopes Tozawa is thankful. Tozawa is taking steps towards his dream, and CIMA is too. He will dedicate his life to advancing Dragon Gate. Let’s achieve together.

President Okamura told him Dragon Gate will always be his family. His roots will remain planted. Go, show America and show the world that the Dragon Gate style is the best.

YAMATO said that no one wants to see him go. From the roster to the staff to the fans, we all want him to stay. They are family. Tozawa doesn’t need to worry about them. They will meet again, somewhere. WHen that happens they will laugh, cry and act like idiots again together.

Tozawa thanked everyone for their words. He never set a good example for the younger generation so he isn’t sure what impression he will be leaving with them. He thanked his elders for putting up with him while he such a punk ass kid. As for the fans, he doesn’t know exactly what legacy he is leaving behind. He just hopes they will never forget that guy called Akira Tozawa.

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10/30 The Gate of Victory

Mie, Tsu City Messe Wing Mie
Don Fujii Homecoming -Don Fujii Basho 2016~Autumn
1400 Attendance

0. Cyber Kong (7:56 Fire Thunder) Futa Nakamura
1. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, El Lindaman (12:51 V1 Armlock Pin after Pumping Bomber) Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura❌, Peter Kaasa
2. Masato Yoshino, Eita⭕ (12:01 NOVA) BxB Hulk, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
3. Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid⭕ (14:22 Bible) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” ❌
4. Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora⭕ (13:40 Gurumakakari) Kzy❌, Flamita
5. Team Tozawa Akira Special 8 Man Tag Team Match in Tsu: Akira Tozawa, Don Fujii⭕, Magnitude Kishida (17:31 Gedo Clutch) YAMATO, Masaaki Mochizuki❌, Daisuke Sekimoto

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