07/23 Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2017

Hyogo, Kobe World Kinen Hall
Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2017
9800 Attendance

0. Draztick Boy (3:16 Diving Body Press) Shachihoko Boy
1. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Don Fujii, Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S. (8:21 Shin Saikyo High Kick) Kaito Ishida❌, Yuki Yoshioka, Shun Skywalker, Hyo Watanabe
1b. Masaaki Mochizuki (3:32 Pinned after failed German Suplex attempt) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
2. Open the Triangle Gate #1 Contender Tournament 1st Round: Kotoka⭕, Big R Shimizu, Ben-K (7:05 La Magistral Cradle) Gamma, Eita❌, Takehiro Yamamura
3. Open the Triangle Gate #1 Contender Tournament 1st Round: Jimmy Susumu, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!⭕, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito (11:53 Backslide from Heaven) BxB Hulk❌, Kzy, Yosuke♡Santa Maria
4. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Jimmy Kagetora (14:35 Gurumakakari) Flamita
☆2nd Defense
5. Open the Triangle Gate #1 Contender Tournament Finals: Jimmy Susumu, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!⭕, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito (10:46 Backslide from Heaven) Kotoka, Big R Shimizu❌, Ben-K
6. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Shingo Takagi⭕, Takashi Yoshida, El Lindaman (20:14 Last Falconry) Jimmy Susumu❌, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito
☆1st Defense
7. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕ (21:37 Dragonrana) Naruki Doi,❌ Masato Yoshino
☆6th Defense
8. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: YAMATO (29:16 Ragnarok) T-Hawk
☆6th Defense

Stalker Ichikawa appeared after the opener. Why did these young punks have a match but there was no spot for a legend like him? He demanded a match. Mochizuki wondered if Stalker knew what the word legend meant. If he wanted a match he could choose from one of the 8 in the ring. Ichikawa chose Yoshioka but the fans reacted poorly. Mochizuki warned him that he would probably lose to him. Did he really want to lose to Yoshioka in front of this many people. He picked Mochizuki for the impromptu match.

YAMATO & T-Hawk had a face-to-face. T-Hawk promised to bring an end to the YAMATO era and paint Dragon Gate with his own colors. YAMATO said that T-Hawk was a man of few words, as always. It’s been one year since he won the title. Now he is back in World Hall as champion and is in he best shape of his life. T-Hawk wants to start a new era and change the color scheme. Unfortunately for him, YAMATO still has the paintbrush. The difference will be clear once they are in the ring.

After winning the tournament, Horiguchi promised the Jimmyz would pull off another miracle.

President Okamura came out after intermission for his traditional address. This was the 19th Kobe World Hall show, and the 15th straight sellout. He thanked the fans who took time out of their busy schedules to come from near and far for making it possible. This year, Dragon Gate will have 201 shows. There have been shows in every prefecture in Japan. This year, a big show in Sendai has been added to the schedule. The show today will air on network television later this summer. There was on more announcement to make. It was time to take another step forward. It was time to advance from Asia into the rest of the world. This won’t be like in the past where there is an event then they come home. Asia will just be the launching pad into the rest of the world. Of course, the center of activity will be right here in Japan and in Kobe. He thanked the fans and asked them to enjoy the remaining three matches of the best pro wrestling in the world.

Before YAMATO could celebrate, he was attacked by Takagi. Takagi was disgusted at the idea of someone so pathetic as the so-called “top” of the company. What a joke. Belts are all that matter anyway. Tribe Vanguard only have one belt. Verserk has three. It is clear who the company should be built around.
YAMATO said Takagi was rotten as ever. All this right after his teammate was beaten. They might be Triangle Gate champions, but the center of DG is the Dream Gate. As long as he is champion, Tribe will be the centerpiece unit.
This brought out Over Generation. CIMA had some compliments for YAMATO for succeeding in the World main event for the second year in a row. He himself hasn’t been in the main event since losing to Takagi in 2013. The Twin Gate title match was a lot of fun, but the main event is a different level. A level he promises to rise to again and prove he wasn’t finished yet. For that purpose, it cant be Tribe or Verserk at the top. It has to be Over Generation. Eita said OG was the best unit. Containing both legends and important players for the future, it was vital they continue.
MaxiMuM was next. They lost both their matches today, but that is in the past. In the unit battlefield they will be the last ones standing.
The Jimmyz came out. Horiguchi was exhausted from having 3 matches in one day, so he would make this brief. These other units say a lot of things despite only being around for a year or two. The Jimmyz have been together for SIX YEARS. Six. They aren’t business partners. They are family. Their bonds are unbreakable.
Takagi told him that he and his bald head talk pretty big, but the reality is they lost today. They were just trash that won a tournament just to lose in the title match. Linda proclaimed that the Triangle Gate was proof of unit superiority and that would just be proven further in the upcoming league.
CIMA promised that OG would continue forever. Yoshino said that MaxiMuM was just two months old. Disbanding so soon was just out of the question. The other units are on notice. One of them would meet their demise soon. Horiguchi said the Jimmyz miracle story still had chapters to be written. A simple league series is nothing to them. They have survived much worse. He also promised they would take back the Triangle Gate and remove some of the stain that Verserk have left on them. Takagi warned YAMATO that even though he got past T-Hawk, he still had a strong enemy coming for him. Tribe Vanguard was left to close the show.

Kzy vowed that Tribe Vanguard would live up to the meaning of their name and remain at the vanguard of Dragon Gate. YAMATO admitted that as a unit they have accomplished much since they came together a year ago. It was time to make their mark. They will survive the coming league series and make a bigger impact. He thanked the fans for coming to see him stand tall at the end for the second year in a row. Last year he promised it was just the first step of many. The road has been hard and will only get more difficult from here but as long as he was champion Dragon Gate would prosper. He outlasted T-Hawk today, but he can feel the next generation gaining on his. Outside the ring are the newest crop of trainees. In a few years they may be the catalysts for a Dragon Gate golden age that no longer needs people like him. There was a two week rest coming now, but after that it was time to start the next series. He thanked the roster, staff, and fans. He parted with one last thing. Once again today, wasn’t he just the coolest?

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07/17 Rainbow Gate 2017

Mie, Mie Prefectural Yume Dome Ueno
700 Attendance

0. Ben-K (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Draztick Boy
1. Naruki Doi⭕, Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu (15:28 Bakatare Sliding Kick) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Gamma❌
2. Ryo “Jimmy” Saito (14:31 Schoolboy) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌; Kanjuro Matsuyama
3. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk (12:11 Pumping Bomber) Masaaki Mochizuki, Eita❌
4. Don Fujii⭕, Yutaka Yoshie (12:08 Super Chokeslam) Takashi Yoshida, El Lindaman❌
5. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk, Kzy, Flamita (20:37 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda❌, Jimmy Kagetora

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07/16 Rainbow Gate 2017

Shizuoka, Kiramesse Numazu
400 Attendance

1. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, El Lindaman (14:39 Pumping Bomber) Dragon Kid, Gamma, Eita❌
2. Jimmy Susumu (12:51 Yokosuka Cutter) Takehiro Yamamura
3. BxB Hulk, Flamita⭕ (11:59 Flam Fly) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Draztick Boy❌
4. YAMATO⭕, Kzy (15:43 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Masaaki Mochizuki, Ben-K❌
5. Naruki Doi⭕, Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu (19:10 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌, Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora

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07/15 Rainbow Gate

Fukui, Tsuruga Kirameki Minato Hall
450 Attendance

1. Naruki Doi⭕, Masato Yoshino, Ben-K (13:57 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda
2. BxB Hulk (10:19 South Road) Big R Shimizu
3. Gamma, Eita⭕ (9:40 Crucifix Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, Draztick Boy❌
4. Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora⭕ (12:29 Gurumakakari) Dragon Kid, Takehiro Yamamura❌
5. YAMATO⭕, Kzy, Flamita (19:05 Galleria) Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman❌

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07/12 Rainbow Gate

Fukui, Fukui-ken Sangyou Kaikan
600 Attendance

0. Draztick Boy (5:58 Diving Body Press) Hyo Watanabe
1. CIMA⭕, Takehiro Yamamura (14:00 Meteora) Flamita, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
2. El Lindaman (9:45 German Suplex Hold) Kzy
3. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk (13:02 Schoolboy) Dragon Kid, Eita❌
4. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk (16:49 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Masaaki Mochizuki, Ben-K❌
5. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino⭕, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka (17:50 Torbellino Crucifix) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda❌, Jimmy Kagetora

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