September 6, 2018 – Storm Gate 2018

September 6, 2018
Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
Storm Gate 2018
Attendance: 1780

1. Don Fujii, Ryo Saito, Jason Lee, Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (7:28 Frog Splash) Genki Horiguchi, Punch Tominaga, Oji Shiiba❌, Kota Minoura
2. Dragon Kid, Kaito Ishida⭕️ (7:13 1sec.) Gamma❌, Problem Dragon
3. KAI⭕️, Hiroshi Yamato (10:57 Meteo Impact) Masaaki Mochizuki, Hyo Watanabe❌
4. House of Hardcore & Hollywood Heritage Double Championship Match: Willie Mack⭕️ (12:24 Chocolate Thunder Bomb) Shun Skywalker❌
5. Kagetora, Yosuke♡Santa Maria, U-T⭕️ (14:52 Bienllave) Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka❌, “brother” YASSHI
6. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Shingo Takagi, Eita, Takashi Yoshida, Yasushi Kanda (28:35 Shot-put Slam) Naruki Doi❌, Masato Yoshino, Ben-K, YAMATO, BxB Hulk

DK & Ishida came out in MaxiMuM shirts to 1st Finger. They were announced as “Self-Proclaimed MaxiMuM” members. After the match DK gave a quick explanation of the situation. After Over Generation disbanded, the two decided to align themselves with MaxiMuM. “Self-proclaimed” wasn’t necessary. They could just be announced as “MaxiMuM” members! Ring announcer Kikuchi quickly threw up the ❌ to that suggestion. DoiDoi & Yoshino have yet to give them permission to join. That’s fine. They will still be out in their corner during the main event tonight.

Willie praised SSW as the future of wrestling. Mochizuki asked him if he was down after losing. He said he was, but Mochizuki told him he had no time for that. Since Naruki Doi was able to reserve the Dream Gate title match in Ota, he suggested they do the same for the Twin Gate. Shun was up for it, so Mochizuki officially made the challenge.

Susumu went into the semi-final with an injured shoulder. U-T capitalized on the injury to score the submission win. He has now submitted Horiguchi & Susumu. That leaves just one member of the Triangle Gate champion team to tap out. Kzy. In Sendai, U-T would be gunning for him. Kzy pointed out that Susumu was injured, but conceded that a win is a win. He got the submission today and he deserves praise for it. Horiguchi down, Susumu down, only Kzy left. It’s a poetic situation. He is looking forward to it. U-T should come with his best, but Kzy had some words of warning for him. Kzy had to take a lot of beatings to get to where he is now. His heart and his spirit won’t be broken so easily. Nothing less should be expected from the leader of Natural Vibes. He welcomed U-T to come with everything he has in Sendai. He told Kagetora to do Kagetora things and for Maria to turn it on like she always does in big situations. He’s excited and he hopes the fans are to. When they come back to Tokyo on the 24th, Natural Vibes would still be champions.

Ben-K delivered a spear to Yoshino as he was applying the Sol Naciente to Eita, betraying MaxiMuM. After a second spear to Doi, Shimizu pinned Yoshino for the win. Shimizu announced Ben as the newest member of Antias. Isn’t wrestling exciting? Are you all shook? Yoshino is as much of an idiot as Doi is. Big Ben are unbreakable. How did they not see this coming? What a joke. Whate–ver. This was the surprise Eita had teased last month. How does it feel to be betrayed twice in two months? Yoshino, the Dream Gate champion, should be ashamed of himself! This is all that is left of the fabled DoiYoshi.
YAMATO was appalled at the situation. He promised to help MaxiMuM one time and he delivered. This situation is nothing but trouble and he wasn’t going to get Tribe Vanguard mixed up in it. Their involvement ends here. That doesn’t mean Antias was off the hook. Particularly Ben. This is twice now they have embarrassed him so payback would be coming their way.
Shimizu wondered why YAMATO was being soooo mean to DoiYoshi. Everyone was. All that was left now was for Big Ben to put them out of their misery. Yoshino admitted he didn’t see it coming from Ben. He never expected him to be in on it the whole time. It was time for DoiYoshi to show they weren’t a team to be mocked. They have their reputation for a reason. Doi wasn’t going to let a couple punks talk down to them. He proposed DoiYoshi vs. Big Ben at the October 2nd Korakuen. Shimizu told them they weren’t in a position to make demands or challenges. But, whatever. It was time for the reborn Big Ben to end them. He accepted the challenge. The match was set by GM Yagi.

Eita announced that with Ben joining, it was time for some reforms. He had 3 points.
#1 – The unit name will be changed at Dangerous Gate on September 24th
#2 – Their influence reaches outside of Dragon Gate. To other organizations and perhaps even overseas. One of those players would be debuting with them on the 24th.
#3 – At the next Kora….Like he would tell the likes of you!

DK & Ishida got into the ring at this point. Doi told them this was none of their business. DK disagreed. As a member of MaxiMuM, he wanted revenge! Doi told them to take the t-shirts off and stop buying them. They weren’t MaxiMuM members. Yoshino wondered if this entire situation was all their fault. DK said that they hadn’t betrayed anyone. In fact, while DK has been on the receiving end of several betrayals he has never betrayed anyone in his life. Yoshino was the same. DK pressed him for details to which Doi exclaimed that he hasn’t betrayed anyone … recently! Doi & DK had a back and forth which exasperated Doi so much he called DK by his real name. Yoshino quickly called for the cameras and live stream to cut. DOi apologized profusely for his mistake but at the end it didn’t earn DK or Ishida a spot in MaxiMuM. DK once again asked for fans to tweet at the official Dragon Gate Twitter account saying they want to to see them join.

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