February 27th, 2019 – Truth Gate 2019

February 27, 2019
Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall
Truth Gate 2019
Attendance: 605

1. Ryo Saito⭕️, Gamma (9:22 Double Cross) Genki Horiguchi, Problem Dragon❌
2. Kzy⭕️, “brother” YASSHI (9:00 Running Elbow Smash) Yuki Yoshioka, Hyo Watanabe❌
3. Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (10:07 Jumbo no Kachi!gatame) Yasushi Kanda❌
4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Shun Skywalker, K-ness.⭕️ (13:08 Hikari no Wa) Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Jason Lee❌
5. Naruki Doi, Kaito Ishida⭕️ (16:05 Inside Cradle) Takashi Yoshida❌, KAZMA SAKAMOTO
6. YAMATO⭕️, KAI, U-T (20:35 Front Cradle) Eita, Big R Shimizu, Ben-K❌

K-ness. told Dragon Kid that their match on Saturday would be the culmination of their 20 year rivalry. At the end, the white belt would be around his waist. Kid gave him credit for peaking just in time for the title match. He expected nothing less of him and was looking forward to fighting him at his best. He wasn’t going to go down so easily, though. He was going to leave Osaka as champion.

Ben-K held YAMATO for a Superkick from Eita, but he moved. Eita hit Ben, allowing YAMATO to pick up the win. Eita berated Ben afterwards. Totally useless. All he had to do was just keep his hold on him and R・E・D would have won. Shimizu is also useless. Where was he at the end? Why didn’t he come in to make the save? R・E・D might be better off without them. They won’t be Twin Gate champions much longer if they keep this up. Shimizu was contrite. He asked Eita to calm down and watch their defense on Sunday. They will show Eita all he needs to see. Eita told them he didn’t care whether they kept the titles or not. All he cares about is how useful they are to him.

U-T hopes they would keep fighting. It will just make it even easier for him & KAI to take the titles from them. KAI agreed and promised the Kobe fans that the next time they see Tribe Vanguard they will have slayed the bleached blond pig and his mute partner. U-T promised to keep Tribe Vanguard going while Hulk & Maria heal and Flamita is back home in Mexico.

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