March 7th, 2019 – Glorious Gate 2019

March 7th, 2019
Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
Glorious Gate 2019
Attendance: 1699

1. Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee, Kaito Ishida⭕️ (9:13 Tiger Suplex Hold) Problem Dragon, Dragon Dia❌, Hiroshi Yamato
2. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕️, K-ness. (6:45 Reversed Figure Four Leglock) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌, Shachihoko Boy
3. Don Fujii⭕️, Gamma, Super Shisa (7:19 Gedo Clutch) Big R Shimizu, Ben-K, Takashi Yoshida❌
4. ☆Dragon Gate Anniversary Commemoration Special Match Vol.3☆
Ryo Saito⭕️ (7:22 Disqualification) Takuya Sugawara❌
5. ☆Special Singles Match☆
Naruki Doi⭕️ (10:01 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Dragon Kid❌
6. ☆4 Way 8 Man Tag Team Match☆
Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi, “brother” YASSHI vs. YAMATO, Kagetora, U-T, KAI vs. PAC, Eita, Yasushi Kanda, KAZMA SAKAMOTO vs. Shun Skywalker, Yuki Yoshioka, Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura
①Skywalker⭕️ (20:20 Ashla) Horiguchi❌
②PAC⭕️ (22:48 Liger Bomb) Watanabe❌
③YAMATO⭕️ (26:05 Galleria) Kanda❌

The weather is getting warmer in Japan, which means the Cherry Blossoms will begin to bloom soon. Along with the blooming of the Cherry Blossoms, Don Fujii wants to bring a big change to the Dragon Gate pecking order. Next month, on April 10th in Tokyo he will be bringing in a new group. Gamma added another hint. They will be new to Dragon Gate but are a unit with history. The other units should consider themselves warned.

Sugawara attacked the referee to cause the dq. He complained about being stuck in such a boring match. He wasn’t here to fight Ryo Saito. He came back to Dragon Gate for one man. Anthony W. Mori! After confirming with a ringside fan and with K-ness. that Mori was previously seen in the reception area, Sugawara called him out. After a long wait, Mori came out, but did not get in the ring. Sugawara told him that the reason he was back in Dragon Gate was to have a match with him. Mori very politely declined. He retired in 2010. He is now a simple staff member. He doesn’t fight anymore. Sugawara continued to push. Saito intervened. To try to get Anthony into the ring now was unreasonable. He’s been retired for nearly 10 years. He’s also very busy selling tickets. Stop trying to give him more work to do. Sugawara said that there is no point in him coming here if Mori wasn’t around. He appealed to the fans. They also want to see Mori wrestle, right? Fans applauded. Mori was thankful that they feel that way, but he is retired. He thanked Sugawara for wrestling on the show today and returned to his ticket table. Sugawara vowed to keep at it until Mori agreed.
But that isn’t all. He has one more announcement. In January it was Kondo, in February it was Owashi. This month it was him. YASSHI is always around. Next month, the entire band gets back together. Aaganiisou will reunite in full at the April Korakuen Hall show. Not just the four of them, they will also be bringing a secret weapon.

Doi attacked Kid during his entrance. He wore his red Verserk era ring gear and fought with a heel style. He used a low blow in the late stages to get the win and quickly went backstage without further altercation.

Ben-K accidentally speared Kanda, setting up the win for YAMATO. Eita flew into a rage at Big Ben. It was time to kick these two out of R・E・D for good. They are useless so it’s time to take out the trash. Shimizu got on his hands and knees pleading. He was sorry. They will prove how useful they can be next time. Just forgive them for today. YAMATO tried to goad Eita into doing it. Eita started to berate the other units. Natural Vibes? They got eliminated by the most trash team in the match. All they have is their stupid dance. Dojo Mochizuki? They weren’t on the main event level. They had no business being in the ring with him. Even their name was stupid. Who came up with it? Their so called “Master”?
Mochizuki told him he was talking a lot of trash for a loser. He should focus on the real problem. Shimizu!
Doi hit the ring. MaxiMuM felt left out of all this fun. Eita was waiting for him to come out. That was nice, RED coloured ring gear he had there. Eita understood. Doi was always working behind the scenes to shock people. He went to pass him an R・E・D shirt but Dragon Kid interrupted.
Why was he wearing that? He doesn’t look right in red. That match also wasn’t how MaxiMuM’s Naruki Doi fights. Is he planning on betraying them?
Doi told both of them they were way off base. He was just joining in on the 20th anniversary fan service by wearing some throwback gear. That’s all.

GM Yagi seized on the opportunity at this point. If MaxiMuM & R・E・D couldn’t stop their infighting, he would make it easy for them by providing a platform to settle things. A place where unit trust, betrayal, anger, sadness, & joy are all laid bare for all to see. May 6th, 2019 in Aichi Prefectural Gym. Dead or Alive 2019 Steel Cage Survival. The theme this year is unit bonds. Not just MaxiMuM & R・E・D, but Tribe Vanguard, MaxiMuM, & not quite unit Mochizuki Dojo will also be locked inside.
This year, hair & masks will not be on the line. This year, it will be unit allegiance.

The rules are as follows:
Each unit will field one member as a representative. These representatives will be decided via intra-unit tag matches in the coming weeks.
There will be 4 flags set at the top of the cage. Climbing to the top and retrieving a flag earns you an escape. The representative that doesn’t retrieve a flag is the loser. The loser will be forced to kick a member out of their unit. Who that member is will be left totally up to the representative’s discretion, but the removal of one member will be mandatory.
However, there is one more stipulation. As a reward for escaping the cage, escaped representatives will gain an optional right to kick out a member of their unit. This is also purely left to their discretion and they can choose not to use it should they feel there are no problem members in their unit.

Doi found the rules confusing, but if all he had to do to get rid of Dragon Kid was capture the flag, he was in.

Shimizu begged for mercy…again. He pleaded with Eita to not go along with this. Yagi called him a coward. If he doesn’t want to get kicked out of R・E・D, all he had to do was earn the representative spot.

Kzy pointed out that Natural Vibes all got along and their unit bonds were as tight as can be. Why do they have to be a part of this? Yagi wondered if he was speaking for the entire unit when he says they have no problems. If they are so sure of themslves they can prove it by escaping the cage intact.

YAMATO got on his hands and knees. Tribe Vanguard was already missing Hulk & Maria due to injuries. Flamita was back in Mexico. They are just lost little lambs. Show them mercy. Yagi told him in no uncertain terms that if this was what has become of Tribe Vanguard they should just disband now. YAMATO conceded.

Mochizuki pointed out that Dojo Mochizuki wasn’t a unit at all. Membership was on a come and go as you please basis, so there really wasn’t any meaning to this. Yagi was unforgiving and made a special rule for their situation. If they were to lose, the banished member will never be allowed to return.

Yagi wanted to get down to business and decide the first set of representative tag matches. MaxiMuM & R・E・D will decide their reps on April 10th here in Tokyo. It was up to them to decide the teams.

As leader, it was natural that Eita would be in. As for his partner, while he wants to pick PAC, PAC will not be in Tokyo on April 10th. His next choice is Takashi Yoshida. Their opponents will be Big R Shimizu & Ben-K. There is nowhere for them to run or hide. This will be his chance to get rid of one of them once and for all.

Doi selected Dragon Kid to be his partner. He expected Yoshino to agree with his decision but Yoshino was uncharacteristcally upset. Why didn’t he pick him as his partner? He’s been betrayed by Doi two times before, he isn’t going to just let him do it a third time like an idiot. He plans on taking the representative spot for himself. He picked Ishida to be his partner.

Eita & Yoshida vs. Shimizu & Ben-K and Doi & Kid vs. Yoshino & Ishida were set for April 10th. Yoshida once again made it very clear he was on Eita’s side in the R・E・D struggle.

YAMATO was left to close the show. It’s been awhile since he found himself in this position so he doesn’t even know what to say. Seems like there was no getting out of this. Since Tribe Vanguard only has 4 members, they will have to figure out the teams for their tag match. It won’t be too bad as long as they win. KAI just joined and didn’t want to once again become a lost lamb. YAMATO joked that there was no other option for banishment but Yosuke, to resounding boos.

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