Open the Brave Gate Championship

The Open the Brave Gate championship was conceived by K-ness. & Masato Yoshino and was inspired by their legendary rivalry over the NWA Welterweight championship. The Brave Gate division is open to competitors 82kg and under. The front plate of the title is comprised of 8 separate pieces. When the title is vacated, the pieces are separated and passed out to championship contenders. The winner will eventually collect all 8 pieces and become champion.

1st Champion – Naruki Doi
2nd Champion – Dragon Kid
3rd Champion – Masato Yoshino
4th Champion – Matt Sydal
5th Champion – Genki Horiguchi
6th Champion – Yasushi Kanda
7th Champion – Masato Yoshino
8th Champion – Anthony W. Mori
9th Champion – Gamma
10th Champion – Dr. Muscle
11th Champion – Genki Horiguchi
12th Champion – Masato Yoshino
13th Champion – CIMA
14th Champion – Naruki Doi
15th Champion – Naoki Tanizaki
16th Champion – K-ness.
17th Champion – Super Shisa
18th Champion – Tigers Mask
19th Champion – Masato Yoshino
20th Champion – PAC
21st Champion – Ricochet
22nd Champion – Dragon Kid
23rd Champion – Masato Yoshino
24th Champion – Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!
25th Champion – Flamita
26th Champion – Kzy
27th Champion – Akira Tozawa
28th Champion – Kotoka
29th Champion – Yosuke♡Santa Maria
30th Champion – Eita
31st Champion – Jimmy Kagetora / Kagetora
32nd Champion – Yasushi Kanda
33rd Champion – Punch Tominaga
34th Champion – Dragon Kid
35th Champion – Eita
36th Champion – Dragon Kid
37th Champion – Susumu Yokosuka

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