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03/24/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Okayama, Kurashiki Sanyou Heights
Glorious Gate 2018
Shachihoko Boy Homecoming

1. Eita⭕️, Shingo Takagi (12:41 Superkick) Gamma, Problem Dragon❌
2. U-T⭕️ (8:26 Cuello) Oji Shiiba❌
3. T-Hawk, El Lindaman (15:10 German Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, Yuki Yoshioka❌
4. Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi⭕️ (14:51 Backslide from Heaven) Yasushi Kanda, Takashi Yoshida❌
5. Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, Jason Lee⭕️ (17:56 Hong Kong German Suplex Hold) YAMATO, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌, Shachihoko Boy

03/21/2018 Memorial Gate 2018 in Wakayama

Wakayama Prefectural Gymnasium
Memorial Gate 2018 in Wakayama
Attendance: 1100

0. Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (4:34 Boston Crab) Oji Shiiba❌
1. BxB Hulk, Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕️, U-T (13:48 Neraiuchi) CIMA, Gamma❌, Problem Dragon
2. Dragon Kid⭕️, Kaito Ishida (10:12 Ultra Hurricanrana) Jason Lee, Shun Skywalker❌
3. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: ▲Punch Tominaga (11:51 No Contest due to outside interference) Yasushi Kanda▲
4. YAMATO⭕️, Ryo Saito (17:53 Choke Sleeper) Shingo Takagi, El Lindaman❌
5. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Ben-K vs. Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi vs. T-Hawk, Eita, Takashi Yoshida
①Kzy⭕️ (23:00 Skayde Schoolboy) Yoshida❌
②Doi⭕️ (27:08 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Kzy❌
6. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: Masaaki Mochizuki⭕️ (24:28 Dragon Suplex Hold) Big R Shimizu❌
★5th Defense

The Brave Gate title was declared vacant due to the no contest. A tournament to decide the new champion will be held in the coming weeks.

Prime Zone vol.64

Dragon Gate Arena
Prime Zone vol.64

1. Eita⭕️ (6:01 Super Kick) Oji Shiiba❌
2. Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (7:50 Disqualification) El Lindaman❌
3. Dragon Kid⭕️, U-T (8:41 Hurricanrana) Masato Yoshino, Shun Skywalker❌
4. Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (7:08 Boston Crab) Yuki Yoshioka❌
5. Naruki Doi, Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕️ (9:58 Small Package Hold) Big R Shimizu, Shachihoko Boy❌

03/18/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Aichi, Nagoya Congress Center
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 850

1. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Kagetora (12:24 Shot-put Slam) Yosuke♡Santa Maria, U-T❌
2. Shun Skywalker⭕️, Yuki Yoshioka (8:16 Skywalker Moonsault) Problem Dragon❌, Kaito Ishida
3. Don Fujii⭕️ (9:37 HIMEI) Hyo Watanabe❌
4. T-Hawk, Eita, Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (14:52 Pineapple Bomber) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Gamma❌
5. Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, Ben-K⭕️, Jason Lee (16:44 Spear) Kzy, Genki Horiguchi, Susumu Yokosuka❌, Punch Tominaga
6. El Lindaman⭕️, Shingo Takagi, Yasushi Kanda (14:16 German Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO❌, Ryo Saito

Kagetora showed up in the full Kzy Time merchandise line and watched from ringside. Like the MaxiMuM and Tribe Vanguard previously, he just thought they looked cool and wanted to wear them. He thanked Kzy and his team for putting on a great show. He was incredibly satisfied.
Doi was confused beyond belief but turned his attention to Kzy. When he left Tribe Vanguard, he brought up Doi & Yoshino. He is doing incredibly well for himself right now but to put himself next to them is easier said then done. He is going to have to keep up this momentum for to do it. Kzy told him he was right, but he already knew it. He wouldn’t have invoked their name if he wasn’t ready for what it meant. Even though his team lost today, they were just getting started. Kzy Time has just begun.

An errant kick from Mochizuki caused YAMATO to get pinned by Lindaman. He accused him of doing it on purpose. He looked him right in the eyes before causing him to lose to that piece of trash Lindaman. Why? Mochizuki took the blame for the accident, but he didn’t exactly hold YAMATO down. YAMATO said that his boot caused the most damage. Saito placed peacekeeper. Accidents happen. There were more important things to discuss. The reigning and defending Open the Owarai Gate Champion Shingo Takagi was once again not funny! Takagi told him if he was so concerned about the Owarai Gate he should go and rescue it from the garbage can. The only paper champion out there right now was Masaaki Mochizuki. First Saito, then Kzy and Ben-K. Now Shimizu. While he inflates his defense record with easy wins he is destroying the value of the title. Having such an old fuck as champion makes that the real Owarai Gate. That said, the worst of them all was Kanda. Why? Because the guy he lost to isn’t even a wrestler. He’s a part time staff member of the sound team. He accused Kanda of hitting him on purpose today. Kanda blamed the Brave Gate loss entirely on Takagi. If he didn’t get in his way, Kanda would have won. Lindaman tried to separate them but got pushed down. Punch came out. Did Kanda forget they have a title match on Wednesday? Why is he picking fights with Takagi? He also reminded Takagi that he is not a part timer staffer. He is the Open the Brave Gate champion. A brawl broke out.
GM Yagi took advantage of the situation and announced that he was putting all 7 of them into the annual Dead or Alive steel cage match on May 6, right here in Nagoya.
Mochizuki was concerned about his ability to climb at the age of 48. YAMATO told him already had an embarrassing hairstyle for someone his age. He should worry about his title match on Wednesday, anyway. Saito was concerned that Punch had very little hair to be cut.
Yagi announced the rules. As is the tradition, there will be 5 flags placed at the top of the cage. If you climb up and get one, you’re safe. However, despite the increase from 6 participants to 7, he wasn’t planning on adding another flag. This will leave two fighters. When the five flags have been retrieved, the final two with then compete in a regular singles match with one added stipulation. There will be a five minute time limit. If there is no winner in that five minutes, they will both lose their hair.
Takagi refused to participate. This is the 4th year in a row the company has stuck him in the cage. This year he isn’t doing it. Yagi was fine with that. Takagi is the reigning and defending Open the Owarai Gate champion, after all. He can defend the title on the show. Takagi refused. He wanted a regular match. Yagi gave him an ultimatum. The cage or comedy. If he refused, he wouldn’t be on the show at all. Takagi decided to do the cage match on one condition. He gets to retire the Owarai Gate title. Yagi vetoed that. The fans enjoy the title matches too much for the title to just go away. Takagi said he would settle for just being allowed to vacate it. Yagi accepted under the condition that Takagi escape the cage. If he loses his hair, he will wait for it to grow back as a fighting Owarai Gate champion. Yagi warned them that it was now a free for all. They should all be careful with who they trust and who they target over the next two months.
Takagi said he would rather die than do comedy matches as a bald man. He got very friendly with Kanda. He wished him luck in his title match on Wednesday. This was no time for them to fight. Kanda was just out to keep his hair. Lindaman, who somehow got caught up in all this, called out YAMATO. At the end of last year he had said he was thinking of cutting off his hair. Perfect timing! He hadn’t lost focus on Mochizuki either. He was going to see that stupid haircut shaved clean. Mochizuki told Lindaman that without his face paint he looks like an obese middle schooler. Worrying about YAMATO and his hair choices while keeping the peace between Takagi & Kanda and trying to take him out was way too much for Lindaman to handle. He hasn’t been in one of these in 17 years. Not since the first one in 2001. He isn’t sure what it will be like, but he knows at the end of it he will have kept his title in Wakayama and he will still have his hair.
Saito was troubled by Takagi’s eagerness to give up the Owarai Gate. He knows he is capable of great things as champion so he will take it upon himself to make sure Takagi loses his hair and remains champion.
Punch promised to keep both what remained of his trademark hair and his Brave Gate title.
YAMATO was confused as to how he ended up involved. He wasn’t really that mad at anyone. Why is he the last one talking now? He’s also been in 4 straight cage matches now. 6 overall. He knows what it takes to win one. Do people really want to see him bald? You do? Shut up. While he was thinking about a haircut, he wanted it to be on his own terms. Therefore, he will escape the cage, protect his hair, and cut it the way he wants to!

03/17/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Gifu, Seratopia Toki
Glorious Gate 2018
Problem Dragon & Shun Skywalker Homecoming
Attendance: 800

1. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee⭕️ (13:11 Hong Kong style La Magistral Cradle) Don Fujii, Ryo Saito, Kaito Ishida❌
2. Ben-K⭕️ (9:19 Ben-K Bomb) U-T❌
3. T-Hawk, Yasushi Kanda⭕️ (11:17 Box Attack) Kzy, Punch Tominaga❌
4. YAMATO⭕️, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (16:48 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) Susumu Yokosuka, Shun Skywalker❌
5. Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid, Problem Dragon⭕️ (15:11 Problem) Eita, El Lindaman❌, Shingo Takagi

Problem Dragon came out and addressed the fans at the top of the show. He was unable to compete at the Toki show last year due to his neck injury, so this was the first time in two years that he would be in action in his hometown. He isn’t the old Problem Dragon. He has been a new man since joining up with Over Generation. He asked the fans to stop booing him. Starting today he would be using new entrance music, written for him by Toki area local Hitoki.

Mochizuki gave Lindaman a low blow to set up Dragon for the win. Mochizuki wondered how he could possibly claim to be coming after the Dream Gate when he is still losing to the likes of Problem Dragon!? He walked that back. “The likes of Problem Dragon” didn’t apply anymore. In fact, that was a more appropriate choice of words for someone who lost to fat boy Lindaman.
Dragon told Antias that this was his town so they could go ahead and get out of his ring. The choice of words Mochizuki used earlier hurt a little bit, but he helped make the main event a big success today so he had nothing but thanks for him. Around a year ago, he was on the verge of retirement. Knowing that the fans here in Toki were waiting to see him again gave him the motivation to come back. This is the city where he was born and raised. It used to be half boos and half cheers, but today it was all cheers. He even heard cheers from the kids in attendance. That reminds him of when he was a child and he saw another wrestler from Toki. Shinya Hashimoto had his own homecoming show in this very building. A young Problem Dragon was watching on TV and that was the day he decided he was going to be a wrestler. He hopes that the kids that are here watching him today also get to grow up and fulfill their dreams, whether it is to be a wrestler or something else.

03/11/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Hiroshima, Onomichi Bingo Sports Park Sports Center Sub Arena
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 700

0. Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕️ (6;34 Pinfall) Oji Shiiba❌
1. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Ben-K⭕️ (13:44 Spear) Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Punch Tominaga❌
2. Kagetora⭕️ (7:58 Modified Michinoku Driver) Hyo Watanabe❌
3. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Jason Lee (11:10 Shot-put Slam) K-ness., Zachary Wentz❌
4. Don Fujii, Bandido⭕️ (11:11 Revolver Suplex Hold) Dragon Kid, Kaito Ishida❌
5. T-Hawk, Eita⭕️, Yasushi Kanda (15:00 Super Kick) YAMATO, Flamita, Shachihoko Boy❌

03/10/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Shizuoka, Fujisan Messe
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 400

0. Kaito Ishida⭕️ (4:48 Boston Crab) Ouji Shiiba❌
1. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕️, Gamma (13:47 Bible) Masaaki Mochizuki, Kagetora, Bandido❌
2. Kzy⭕️ (7:50 Running Elbow Smash) Hyo Watanabe❌
3. YAMATO⭕️, Flamita (12:31 Galleria) Punch Tominaga❌, Zachary Wentz
4. Naruki Doi, Jason Lee⭕️ (14:31 Hong Kong Style La Magistral Cradle) Genki Horiguchi❌, Susumu Yokosuka
5. Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K, Ryo Saito (19:05 Shot-put Slam) T-Hawk, Eita, Shingo Takagi, Yasushi Kanda❌

03/09/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Saitama, Fureai Cube Kasukabe
T-Hawk Second Homecoming
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 700

1. YAMATO, Flamita, Kagetora⭕️ (12:49 Modified Michinoku Driver) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Kaito Ishida❌
2. Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (9:59 Inside Cradle) Gamma❌
3. Jason Lee, Bandido⭕️ (10:48 Revolver Fly) Genki Horiguchi, Zachary Wentz❌
4. Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu⭕️ (12:00 Shot-put Slam) Kzy, Punch Tominaga❌
5. T-Hawk⭕️, Eita, Shingo Takagi, Yasushi Kanda (17:07 Night Ride) Masaaki Mochizuki, Naruki Doi, Ben-K, Ryo Saito❌

03/08/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Nagano, Miel Parque Nagano
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 650

1. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕️, Gamma (13:28 Bible) Kagetora, Zachary Wentz, Hyo Watanabe❌
2. YAMATO⭕️, Ryo Saito (14:43 Galleria) Genki Horiguchi, Punch Tominaga❌
3. T-Hawk, Eita⭕️ (9:11 Inside Cradle after removing mask) Flamita, Bandido❌
4. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Jason Lee (16:01 Shot-put Slam) Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka❌
5. Masaaki Mochizuki, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Ben-K⭕️ (17:46 Ben-K Bomb) El Lindaman❌, Shingo Takagi, Yasushi Kanda, Takashi Yoshida

03/07/2018 Glorious Gate 2018

Kanagawa, Yokohama Radiant Hall
Glorious Gate 2018
Attendance: 500

0. Kaito Ishida⭕️ (7:00 Running Face Kick) Hyo Watanabe❌
1. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕️, Gamma (15:51 Bible) YAMATO, Flamita, Bandido❌
2. Furusato Tax Selection Match: Kzy⭕️, Zachary Wentz (11:09 Running Elbow Smash) Kagetora, Oji Shiiba❌
3. Naruki Doi, Jason Lee⭕️ (12:34 Hong Kong La Magistral Cradle) Genki Horiguchi❌, Susumu Yokosuka
4. El Lindaman⭕️, Yasushi Kanda (12:58 German Suplex Hold) Masaaki Mochizuki, Punch Tominaga❌
5. Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K, Ryo Saito (18:49 Shot-put Slam) T-Hawk, Eita, Shingo Takagi, Takashi Yoshida❌

03/06/2018 Kotoka Road to Final

Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
Kotoka Road to Final – The Ending
1850 Attendance

1. U-T, Shun Skywalker⭕️, Hyo Watanabe, Yuki Yoshioka (4:55 Skywalker Moonsault) Gamma, Problem Dragon, Kaito Ishida, Shachihoko Boy❌
2. ▲K-ness. (4:16 No Contest) Punch Tominaga▲
3. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K (9:27 Shot-put Slam) Yasushi Kanda❌, Takashi Yoshida
4. Flamita⭕️, Zachary Wentz (10:06 Flam Fly) Jason Lee, Bandido❌
5. Open the Owarai Gate Championship Match: Shingo Takagi⭕️ (8:01 Pumping Bomber) Ryo Saito❌
★Takagi becomes the 41st champion via fan decision
6. T-Hawk, Eita⭕️, El Lindaman (14:14 Biblia) Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi❌
7. Kotoka Retirement Match: Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO⭕️, Yosuke♡Santa Maria, Don Fujii, Kagetora (25:00 Galleria) Kotoka❌, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, CIMA, Dragon Kid
8. Kotoka⭕️ (2:40 Caldera) Oji Shiiba❌

Kanda & Yoshida attacked both Punch & K-ness., causing the no contest. Kanda raged at Punch. That Brave Gate title belongs to him. It is all Takagi’s fault that Punch has it. The belt will be back where it belongs after Wakayama. Punch called it a gift from Takagi, because deep down he really loves him. He was going to protect the gift that Shingo Takagi gave to him in Wakayama. Kanda was furious and demanded Big Ben come out for the next match.

Takagi refused to cooperate in any of the Owarai Gate division antics, while Saito could barely contain his delight. Takagi wouldn’t budge from the corner to pose for the ceremonial photo, so Saito & Yagi came to him. Saito wondered why he had such a serious face on. He has been stalking Takagi on social media and found he is a fan of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. He must have been watching it to learn how to be funny! Takagi told him to leave his private life and hobbies out of it. There will be no comedy and no cooperation in this farce. When it came time for the fans to decide, Referee Yagi & Saito encouraged the fans to cheer loudly for Takagi. The poll for Saito was cut short and the title was quickly awarded to Takagi. Takagi flew off the handle at the result and demanded a new poll. That ended with the same result. Winner and new Open the Owarai Gate champion, Shingo Takagi. He blamed it all on Kanda. Someone who couldn’t beat the likes of Punch Tominaga deserves this belt more then him. He tossed the belt at Kanda. Kanda told him the fans have spoken. Put the belt around your waist. The argument escalated until Lindaman mediated. Takagi vowed to never forgive or forget the indignity that Saito, Yagi, and the fans did to him today.
Saito told him to treat the belt with respect, it is his now. He thanked the fans for playing along and putting the title around Takagi’s waist.

Antias kept up the attack in the post-match on Horiguchi & co. Punch came out to make the save. In the midst of the all the arguing, he stopped to congratulate Takagi on his newly won championship. Eita proposed a 4 on 4 match. Kanda demanded the 4th spot on the Antias side. Takagi said it was no spot for a FORMER Brave Gate champion. Kanda replied that it was no spot for the CURRENT Owarai Gate champion. He was going to deal with Punch himself. Kzy interrupted. Who agreed to a 4 on 4 match? Kanda & Takagi can both be in the match. Did they already forget his warning from last month? There are others out there with a bone to pick with Antias. One of them will be their partner, making it 5 on 5. He called out “brother” YASSHI. Last time we saw him, he was a member of Verserk. Seems they don’t exist anymore. No one bothered to even tell him. What the fuck? In Dragon Gate it doesn’t matter if you are good guys or bad guys. Your stablemates are your family. Those mother fuckers gave him the finger and betrayed him. Now those mother fuckers will have to answer to him. T-Hawk wasn’t impressed with his vulgarity. Dragon Gate only has room for real professionals. The pros would show him how things are done. Antias accepted the 5 on 5. GM Yagi was quick to make the match, but he added a stipulation. It would fought under Oedo Style Elimination rules. Lindaman said that it didn’t matter what the rules were. The results would be the same as today.

Oji Shiiba interrupted the first attempt at the retirement ceremony. He couldn’t let his big brother retire before they had a 1 on 1 match with each other. It was one of his dreams and if it didn’t happen here it never would. He pleaded for the match to happen now. Kotoka was deeply moved. He was pretty beat up, but how could he say no? He told his baby brother to bring all he had.

The retirement ceremony began with various gifts from media outlets. Gaora prepared a special DVD of his famous matches for him. Each member of the roster was then given the opportunity to say goodbye.

He shares the same hometown as Horiguchi, so he is sad to see him go. At the same time, he is relieved that he won’t have to see him in constant pain from his injuries. Oji will carry on his legacy, Horiguchi is sure of it.

U-T is an only child. Seeing Kotoka and Oji just now, he wished he had a brother. His family is Dragon Gate. He is small, just like Kotoka. He will strive to carry on the spirit that Kotoka carried as someone who wouldn’t let his size get in his way.

Hulk asked him if he found what he was looking for these past 10 years. He has a new path to look on now. His own path.

Maria asked for a kiss. Kotoka complied with a very long and very deep one.

Flamita presented him with one of his masks and they posed for photos.

YAMATO said that seeing one of his juniors retire before him has made him stop to think. He recalled a time back from around Kotoka’s debut when Kotoka took him drinking at an adult establishment in Ikebukuro. Together they ran up an $800 bill. Between the two of them they didn’t have the cash so they ended up putting it on a card and paying it off in installments. Hopefully they can go drinking again sometime, but maybe not at that type of place…

Kotoka started as a trainee around the time Kagetora came to Dragon Gate. He had doubts that he would make it. He defied Kagetora’s expectations and became a wrestler that was very important to many people. He also hoped to see him again at a place with booze.

Bandido gave him a shout of encouragement.

FUjii was looking forward to getting together with him in Kita Shinchi in Osaka, eating delicious food and talking about the old days together.

Mochizuki talked about seeing younger stars retire many times during his long career. Surely himself & Fujii were next. Fujii first, of course. He extended an open invite to Kotoka to hang out.

Wentz wished him luck and talked about how moved he was by the relationship Kotoka & Oji share.

CIMA talked about the time they went to Russia together for some matches. There were various things related to visas and such that CIMA just had absolutely no idea. He pushed it off on Kotoka and made him do everything. Kotoka really came through there and CIMA is still grateful.

Kid pointed out that he was in his 20th year, while Kotoka was ending his at 10. He isn’t sure if Kotoka learned anything from him. Probably not. He has learned quite a bit from watching him, though. The Kotoka he knows will succeed at whatever new challenges he takes on in his new life.

Gamma was never in the same unit as him. Nevertheless, seeing one of his fellow Dragon Gate wrestlers retire is always sad. Kotoka is still in his 20s. He has a long life ahead of him. Seize that life with both hands, and don’t forget to come back and visit every now and then.

They were in Verserk together, but Problem Dragon had more memories of drinking together than of fighting together. Kotoka has been busy lately so he hasn’t been able to accept any invites lately. Now that he is free from wrestling, he can take it easy and savor his drinks.

Hyo thanked him for helping him out during their short time together. He is a part of the same generation as Oji, so he hopes that they can both work towards the top together. He wished him luck in his new life.

Shun wished he had more time to wrestle and talk with him. He will eat just about anything so he would love it if they could go out together sometime.

In the time between Punch joining the company 12 years ago and Kotoka joining, many trainees came and went. This left Kotoka as his closest junior. He’s done so much for him. He wished him luck in his new life and reminded him that even though he was no longer a wrestler, they would always be friends.

Yoshioka never wrestled him, but he has received a lot of advice from him and he really enjoyed their conversations. Hopefully they will have the chance to have more of them in the future.

Shachi recalled their very brief time together as a part of Windows. Kotoka had such a loud voice at ringside….

Saito will always remember today as the day Kotoka retired and he lost the Owarai Gate title.

Last year, Ishida was injured on the one of the first shows of the year. Kotoka also suffered a bad injury himself but he was always more concerned with how Ishida was doing.

K-ness told him that even though his time as a wrestler was coming to an end, he would always be a part of the Dragon Gate family. He would never be forgotten.

Kotoka’s career was exactly half the length of Susumu’s. Susumu is going to continue to the best he could as a wrestler and wished for Kotoka to do the same in his new path. He actually has a lot more to say but he would send it via LINE later.

Kzy was his first exhibition match opponent and he still remembers how serious his face was. They will still be friends working towards their goals.

Jason gave him a message in Chinese, which Shimizu translated. His translation was dubiously much much longer than the original message. Jason revised his message to a simple “Thank you”.

Shimizu recalled that time that they conspired to join Mad Blankey together, but were betrayed. He is happy they got to fight together in MaxiMuM at the end. He told him that if things ever get rough for him, to cheer himself up by watching Dragon Gate.

Ben-K couldn’t hold himself together. After crying a few days ago in Osaka he had vowed not to cry today. He fought the tears for a long time, fighting them so hard that he accidentally turned the microphone off. He eventually told him he would risk his life for him. They hugged.

Yoshino was amused by the scene. Which one was the senior and which one was the junior? The first unit Kotoka joined was WORLD-1, with Doi & Yoshino. His last unit was MaxiMuM, also with Doi & Yoshino. Their bonds will always be deep. Not as senior or junior anymore, just as friends.

Doi was annoyed at everyone acting so gloomy. This isn’t a funeral! You’re supposed to be cheerful at optimistic at retirements! Kotoka was small, but he excelled. Anyone watching today could see his bravery, his fighting spirit, and his will to succeed. He doesn’t know what Kotoka plans on doing in the future but as long as he keeps those traits he has nothing to fear or cry about. Even though he was retiring today and was no longer a wrestler, Doi ordered him to stay in the MaxiMuM group chat and leave messages every now and then. Maybe he can come do some guest commentary on a DVD or something. Something!

Oji went last. He thanked his brother for granting his wish and fighting him. He had been planning on seeing his big bro off with a happy face on, but the sadness was so strong. He won’t get to achieve his dream of holding the Twin Gate with him, but he did get to go 1 on 1 with him and will always cherish that. He will continue to cheer for and look up to him as little brothers do.

Kotoka admitted he was always bad at speeches, so he prepared this one ahead of time.

Thank you for everything over the last 10 years. When he first decided to retire he had no idea he would get to do it in the main event in Korakuen Hall like this. He owes it all to the fans and to Dragon Gate. Even though he wasn’t the biggest, by believing in himself he managed to achieve a 10 year career in wrestling. If there is anyone out there that is close to giving up or thinks they can’t realize their dreams, he asks them to not give up. Believe in yourself and try your best. You can do it. Even someone of his size was able to live their dreams by not giving up. If he can do it, so can they. It’s time to start on a new challenge. Together, they can walk with excitement and optimism towards the future.

03/04/2018 Champion Gate in Osaka

Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
Champion Gate in Osaka 2018 Night 2
Attendance: 1500

0. U-T⭕️ (5:29 Pinfall) Yuki Yoshioka❌
1. CIMA⭕️, Gamma (11:26 Mad Splash) Don Fujii, K-ness.❌
2. Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (7:38 Fatality) Kaito Ishida❌
3. YAMATO⭕️, Ryo Saito, Punch Tominaga (11:38 Frankensteiner of the Almighty) El Lindaman, Shingo Takagi, Yasushi Kanda❌
4. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee, Big R Shimizu⭕️ (12:07 Shot-put Slam) Yosuke♡Santa Maria, Flamita, Bandido, Zachary Wentz❌
5. Kotoka Road to Final in Osaka 2: Kzy⭕️, Dragon Kid (13:15 Running Elbow Smash) Kotoka❌, Oji Shiiba
6. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: T-Hawk, Eita⭕️ (15:09 Biblia) Susumu Yokosuka❌, Genki Horiguchi
★1st Defense
7. Open the Dream Gate Championship Match: Masaaki Mochizuki (23:13 Triangle Choke → Referee Stop) Ben-K
★4th Defense

The contract signing for the main event was held at the top of the show. Ben-K only had one thing to say. He was going to open the door for the next generation. Mochizuki enjoyed seeing the hopefulness of youth. He was going to show that youthful power was no match for veteran skills on his way to victory.

Kanda accidentally hit Takagi with a John Woo. Takagi accused him of doing it on purpose. Kanda told him if he had actually held YAMATO like he was supposed to then it wouldn’t have happened. Lindaman tried to play moderator. They have 170-180 matches every year. Mistakes will happen every now and then to even the best. He pleaded for cooler heads to prevail. He also chastised YAMATO for taking advantage of the situation to score a dirty win. YAMATO warned him that Kanda & Takagi were quickly becoming like oil and water. They just don’t go together. Saito stopped their bickering. People were forgetting the most important thing.
On the eve of his Owarai Gate title match, Shingo Takagi still was not funny. He could tell that Takagi had it in him. To achieve his goal of sealing away the Owarai Gate forever, Takagi must surely have something gut-bustingly funny planned.
Punch also gave a quick speech. He was going to prove that yesterday was no fluke. He once again thanked Takagi for the assist. He couldn’t have done it without him. He asked the fans for their support in Wakayama.

Kagetora showed up at ringside decked out in various pieces of MaxiMuM merchandise to second them. They confronted him afterwards. Doi assured the fans that he was not a member of the group. Kagetora said that he has always thought MaxiMuM gear looked really cool so he bought some and came down to watch the match. It was awesome. MaxiMuM rules! He left, leaving MaxiMuM in disbelief.

Kotoka had a message for his brother. He’s gotten so big already. The crowd was behind him today. The chants were for him. He’s going to be just fine. He will be someone like him, no, Oji will surpass him. No doubt about it. When Oji first told him he wanted to join Dragon Gate and become a pro wrestler, he didn’t like the idea. It is hard and it is painful. The thought of his brother being exposed to the things he had to go through was hard for him. From the time he joined all the way until today he has worried about his little brother. Today, their final time as a team, he was relieved and happy. Thank you. Today is his real starting point.
Oji said he work as hard as he can to try and fill the hole that Kotoka will leave behind when he retires on Tuesday. He wasn’t just aiming for the same spot as his brother. He was aiming for no less than the Dream Gate. His brother was leaving in two days, but he has only just begun.

Linda interfered with a box attack to help Eita win. Kzy protested. Were they satisfied with such a win? Eita replied that a win was a win. Kzy said that they talk a big game, but when the time comes they rely on interference and weapons. He was going to personally teach them to respect the dignity of title matches. He asked Horiguchi to be his partner and challenge for the Twin Gate. Eita wondered why he picked the old bald guy but wasn’t going to argue. It’s an easy win and a good way to inflate their defense count.

Mochizuki heaped praise on Ben-K. All he was missing was experience. As he found out today, years and experience are not something to be taken lightly. The Dream Gate isn’t something that can be so readily opened by someone on their first try. YAMATO currently has the record for the quickest title win. If Ben-K puts in the effort, he still has time to topple that record. Mochizuki thinks he can do it.
Shimizu interrupted. He had lost his way earlier this year and it left him in a long losing streak. Meanwhile, Ben-K was on a huge tear. It was a Heaven and Hell difference. His match with Ben-K back in Kobe and watching this match today, he has found his way now. He asked Mochizuki for a title match. Mochizuki admitted it would be a tough match. They have a pretty even record in 1 on 1 matches. He had no problem accepting the challenge. The match was set for 3/21 in Wakayama. Mochizuki complained about having to do another title match with just 3 weeks. He’s 48 years old, after all. He quickly changed his tone to fighting words. He doesn’t know if coming back to do another title defense so quickly is a mistake or not, but Shimizu will get an up close look at what kind of 48 year old Mochizuki is.
Shimizu thanked Ben-K for inspiring him and praised him for his growth this year. Ben-K thanked the fans for their support today and thanked Mochizuki for giving him a shot. He really wanted to open a new door here in Osaka today. He couldn’t do it, but next time he will have revenge. Maybe right here in Osaka. It doesn’t matter what kind of kicks and punches come at him, he won’t give up.

03/03/2018 Champion Gate in Osaka

Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
Champion Gate in Osaka 2018 Night 1
Attendance: 1350

0. Shun Skywalker⭕️ (5:17 Boston Crab) Oji Shiiba❌
1. Dragon Kid⭕️, Kagetora (9:15 Bible) Bandido❌, Zachary Wentz
2. Ryo Saito⭕️ (5:55 Pinfall) Don Fujii❌
3. Kotoka Road to Final in Osaka 1: Shingo Takagi, El Lindaman⭕️ (11:34 German Suplex Hold) CIMA, Kotoka❌
4. Ben-K, Big R Shimizu⭕️ (10:54 Shot-put Slam)Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma❌
5. Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi⭕️ (12:10 Backslide from Heaven) T-Hawk, Eita, Takashi Yoshida❌
6. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Punch Tominaga (8:34 Punch Clutch) Yasushi Kanda
★Tominaga becomes the 33rd champion
7. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee⭕️ (23:14 German Suplex Hold) YAMATO, Flamita, Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
★2nd Defense

Oji came to Kotoka’s aid after the third match, delivering a dropkick to Lindaman. Lindaman was appalled that a green boy would come after a superstar like him. He wasn’t on that level yet. Things will only get worse for him when his brother is no longer around to look after him.
Kotoka gave a speech. He thanked his brother and the Osaka fans. He was inspired to become a wrestler by CIMA. He was so cool. He always aimed to be like him. Being able to team with him here in one of his final matches in Osaka is a dream come true. Tomorrow, he teams with his baby brother for the last time. They haven’t had many chance to team together, but teaming in Osaka tomorrow means both of them get to achieve a shared dream.

Ben-K told Mochizuki he looked worn out. Was he going to be ready for tomorrow? Mochizuki replied that while he was 48, he wasn’t a normal 48 year old. There won’t be a repeat of what happened in Hakata. Ben will learn the hard way what it is like to have a long and grueling Dream Gate title match.

Horiguchi and T-Hawk had a back and forth. Antias had no intention of letting the Twin Gate fall into the hands of two broken down pieces of trash. Horiguchi & Susumu created a poem using the Japanese A-I-U-E-O syllables that doesn’t translate well but said “Antias, Listen up. we are taking the belts and the glory.”

Takagi accidentally hit Kanda with a box attack, leading to the unthinkable result of Punch becoming champion. Kanda was furious. He demanded the result voided. This was all Takagi’s fault! Takagi told him that anyone that loses to someone like Punch only has himself to blame. Kanda demanded a rematch. Punch was now Brave Gate champion, and being brave means you have to accept all challenges. He accepted, and thanked Takagi for his help today. The match was set for 3/21 at Memorial Gate in Wakayama. Punch gave a speech. He has been in the business for 12 years, 6 of them as an active wrestler. This was his first title. He wants to become a brave and strong champion worthy of the belt. He looks forward to the day where he can stand in front of the fans as a legitimate champion.

Yoshino heaped praise on Maria. When this match was made, he didn’t expect to be saying the things he was about to say. Yoshino saw what Maria was really made of today. She said that she was inspired by Kzy and would carry Tribe Vanguard in his absence. Tribe lost today, but Maria shouldn’t be discouraged by that. From here, whether she returns to the old Yosuke Santa Maria or steps forward as the new Yosuke Santa Maria is up to her. Yoshino said he will always happily accept another challenge. Maria, Ben, Shimizu, even U-T. You can’t seize any opportunity you don’t go for.
Losing today hurt. It hurt bad. But the fire inside Maria has only just been lit. Today, tomorrow, the day after that. Yosuke Santa Maria will be the one carrying Tribe Vanguard.

02/26/2018 Kotoka Road to Final

Tottori, Yonago Convention Center
Kotoka Road to Final
500 Attendance

0. Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (4:58 Boston Crab) Oji Shiiba❌
1. YAMATO, Flamita⭕️, Yosuke♡Santa Maria (14:51 Flam Fly) Gamma, Kagetora, Bandido❌
2. Masaaki Mochizuki, Ryo Saito⭕️ (10:30 SaiRyo Rocket) Jason Lee, Shun Skywalker❌
3. Masato Yoshino, Ben-K⭕️ (13:41 Ben-K Bomb) Susumu Yokosuka, Zachary Wentz❌
4. Kzy⭕️, Genki Horiguchi (13:59 Running Elbow Smash) Dragon Kid, Problem Dragon❌
5. Kotoka Road to Final in Yonago: T-Hawk, Eita⭕️, Yasushi Kanda (15:01 Super Kick) Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌

02/25/2018 Kotoka Road to Final

Aichi, Loisir Hotel Toyohashi
Kotoka Road to Final
Hyo Watanabe Homecoming
900 Attendance

0. Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (5:26 Boston Crab) Oji Shiiba❌
1. Dragon Kid⭕️, Gamma, Problem Dragon (13:42 Bible) YAMATO, Flamita, U-T❌
2. Genki Horiguchi, Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕️ (12:41 Neraiuchi) Ben-K, Jason Lee❌
3. Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (17:09 Yokosuka Cutter) Bandido, Zachary Wentz❌
4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Kagetora⭕️ (12:31 Modified Michinoku Driver) Big R Shimizu, Hyo Watanabe❌
5. Kotoka Road to Final in Toyohashi: T-Hawk, Eita⭕️, Shingo Takagi (16:31 Super Kick) Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌

02/24/2018 Kotoka Road to Final

Kyoto, KBS Hall
Kotoka Road to Final
850 Attendancd

0. Shun Skywalker⭕️ (4:55 Pinfall) Yuki Yoshioka❌
1. T-Hawk⭕️, Eita, El Lindaman (11:26 Cerberus) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Don Fujii❌
2. Susumu Yokosuka⭕️ (11:47 Yokosuka Cutter) Yosuke♡Santa Maria❌
3. Kzy⭕️ (9:19 Skayde Schoolboy) Kagetora❌
4. YAMATO, Flamita⭕️ (15:03 Flam Fly) Bandido❌, Zachary Wentz
5. 🔺Ryo Saito (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Genki Horiguchi🔺
5. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕️, Punch Tominaga (11:05 Disqualification) Shingo Takagi❌, Yasushi Kanda
6. Kotoka Road to Final in Kyoto: Masato Yoshino, Ben-K⭕️, Jason Lee (17:56 Ben-K Bomb) Naruki Doi, Big R Shimizu, Kotoka❌

Kagetora suddenly appeared in a Tribe Vanguard shirt, and acted as a second for them in match four. When asked why, he said he simply really liked the design so he bought it at the merch table. YAMATO scolded him for showing up to work drunk. Kagetora assured him this was not the case, thanked him for putting on a great show, then took off with a huge smile on his face.

NEX 162

Dragon Gate Arena

1. U-T⭕️ (7:48 Cuello) Oji Shiiba❌
2. Ben-K⭕️ (7:25 Sodegarami) Hyo Watanabe❌
3. Yosuke♡Santa Maria⭕️ (8:21 Neraiuchi) Shun Skywalker❌
4. Punch Tominaga⭕️, Kaito Ishida (11:25 PT Kick) Big R Shimizu, Yuki Yoshioka❌

Toryumon Mexico #15

Mexico, Arena Lopez Mateos
Toryumon Mexico #15

1. Young Dragon Cup 1st Round: Milano Collection AT (7:58 STF) Touru Ito
2. Young Dragon Cup 1st Round: Second Doi (8:39 9 Cross) Nitohei Oyanagei
3. Young Dragon Cup 1st Round: Takayuki Mori (6:43 Escargot) Takamichi Iwasa
4. Young Dragon Cup 1st Round: Ryo Saito (10:15 Cycling Yahoo) Yasushi Tsujimoto
5. KAWABATA (Flying Cross Armbreaker) Stalker Ichikawa
6. Dragon Kid, Mascara Sagrada (2-1) Gran Marks, Mosco de la Merced
①Sagarada (6:47 Pinfall) Gran
②Gran (5:34 Pinfall) Kid
③Sagrada (2:48 Pinfall) Gran

Toryumon Mexico #14

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #14

1. Touru Ito (3:48 Crab Hold) Masato Yoshino
2. Takamichi Iwasa (4:33 Kichikugatame) Nitohei Oyanagei
3. Takayuki Mori, Second Doi (2-1) Mototsugu Shimizu, Skayde
①Mori (7:51 Crucifix Hold) Shimizu
②Shimizu (4:41 Marshmallow Hedgehog) Doi
③Doi Team (4:39 Double Fall) Skayde Team
4. Mike Segura, Super Latin, Super Hi Nocho (2-1) Dr. Cerebro, Bombero Infernal, Takuya Murakami
①Segura (7:17 Hurricanrana) Bombero
②Murakami (5:52 Sidewinder) Segura
③Latin (5:53 Crucifix Hold) Murakami
5. Emilio Charles Jr., Ryo Saito, Silver King (2-1) Milano Collection AT, Pierro, Apolo Dantes
①Saito (7:51 Cycling Yahhoo) Pierro
②Milano (4:21 Emporio Armani Shoe) Charles
③Charles (4:57 Pinfall) Pierro

Toryumon Mexico #13

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #13

1. Kenichiro Arai (5:30 Crab Hold) Naruki Doi
2. Ryo Saito (4:34 Camel Clutch) Takayuki Mori
3. Yasushi Kanda (5:51 Pinfall) Akihito Terui
4. Genki Horiguchi (5:43 Kneebar) Takuya Murakami
5. Susumu Mochizuki (5:41 Pinfall) Mototsugu Shimizu
6. Kenichiro Arai⭕, Susumu Mochizuki, Yasushi Kanda (19:35 Pinfall) Genki Horiguchi, Stalker Ichikawa❌, Ryo Saito
7. Rayo De Jalisco Jr, Atlantis, Dragon Kid, Hijo De Rayo Jalisco Jr (2-1) CIMA, Sumo Dandy Fuji 2000, TARU, Villano 3
①Jalisco Jr. (5:56 Pinfall) Fuji
②Fuji (8:30 Pinfall) Hijo de Rayo
③Jalisco (6:30 Pinfall) TARU

Toryumon Mexico #12

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #12

1. Kenichiro Arai (6:13 Crab Hold) Mototsugu Shimizu
2. Ryo Saito (6:18 Cycling Yahoo) Stalker Ichikawa
3. Yamaha Cup Tournament: Susumu Mochizuki⭕, Yasushi Kanda (12:24 Low Blow) Lymen❌, Kung Fu Jr.
4. Yamaha Cup Tournament: Genki Horiguchi⭕, Mike Segura (15:13 GH Lock Umi) Dr. Cerebro, Bombero Infernal❌
5. Yamaha Cup Tournament Finals: Susumu Mochizuki, Yasushi Kanda (2-1) Genki Horiguchi, Mike Segura
①Kanda (9:05 German Suplex Hold) Segura
②Segura (2:39 Pinfall) Susumu
③Kanda (8:05 Gekokujoh Elbow) Segura
6. Mr. Niebla, Kato Kung Lee, Rayo De Jalisco (2-1) TARU, Kenichiro Arai, El Satanico
①Niebla (3:45 Pinfall) Satanico
②Satanico (3:34 Pinfall) Rayo
③Kato (4:53 Sleeper Hold) TARU

Toryumon Mexico #11

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #11

1. Young Dragons Cup: Yasushi Kanda (4:54 Gekokujoh Elbow) Fantasy
2. Young Dragons Cup: Kung Fu Jr. (3:54 High Kick) Stalker Ichikawa
3. Young Dragons Cup: Susumu Mochizuki (11:24 Northern Lights Suplex) Sonic
4. Young Dragons Cup: Ryo Saito (5:56 Hurricanrana) Super Mega
5. Young Dragons Cup Semis: Yasushi Kanda (5:20 Gekokujoh Elbow) Kung Fu Jr.
6. Young Dragons Cup Semis: Ryo Saito (13:49 Foul) Susumu Mochizuki
7. Young Dragons Cup Finals: Yasushi Kanda (10:45 Gekokujoh Elbow) Ryo Saito
8. Hijo del Santo, Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi (2-1) Blue Panther, Bombero Infernal, Kenichiro Arai
①Santo (10:56 Front Cradle) Panther
②Panther (7:06 Mexican Stretch) Genki
③Kid (7:25 Dragonrana) Arai
9. El Brazo (10:00 Draw) Super Brazo

Toryumon Mexico #10

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #10

1. Susumu Mochizuki (2-0) Ryo Saito
①Susumu (9:36 Stretch Plum) Ryo
②Susumu (8:13 Yokosuka Cutter) Ryo
2. Genki Horiguchi, Mike Segura (2-1) Bombero de Inferno, Dr. Cerebro
①Segura (6:06 La Magistral) Cerebro
②Rudo Team (4:08 Pinfall) Genki
③Genki (6:14 Flying GH Lock) Bombero
3. Lodi, Bluely, Silks (2-1) Stalker Ichikawa, El Brazo, Brazo de Oro
①Brazo (7:11 Small Package) Silks
②Lodi (2:01 Pinfall) Stalker
③Lodi Team (3:42 Simultaneous Fall) Ichikawa Team
4. Yasushi Kanda, Kato Kung Lee, Atlantis (2-1) Kenichiro Arai, El Satanico, Villano 3
①Arai (11:25 Crab Hold) Kanda
②Kato (3:43 Hurricanrana) Satanico
③Kanda (5:57 Gekokujoh Elbow) Arai

Toryumon Mexico #8

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #8

1. Yasushi Kanda (5:06 Pinfall) Ryo Saito
2. Genki Horiguchi, MAKOTO⭕ (13:10 Visual Driver II) Susumu Mochizuki, Stalker Ichikawa❌
3. Tiger Dream, Mary Apache, Ayako Hamada (13:03 Pinfall) Michiko Ohmukai, Rie Tamada, Yumi Fukawa
4. CMLL Lady’s Title: Lady Apache (11:35 Count Out) Mariko Yoshida
5. Kenichiro Arai (5:03 Pinfall) SAITO
6. Shiima Nobunaga⭕, Judo Suwa, TARU (2:56 Pinfall) El Satanico, Brazo de Oro, El Brazo❌
7. NWA Middleweight Title: The Great Sasuke (18:42 Cross Armbreaker) Sumo Fuji

Toryumon Mexico #7

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #7

1. Young Dragons Cup: Yasushi Kanda (2:28 Pinfall) Stalker Ichikawa
2. Young Dragons Cup: Genki Horiguchi (4:28 Cavernaria) Nemesis
3. Young Dragons Cup: SAITO (5:37 Wrestling Special) Rey Pantera
4. Young Dragons Cup: Kenichiro Arai (8:00 Half Crab Hold) Susumu Mochizuki
5. Young Dragons Cup Semis: Genki Horiguchi (4:25 Cross Arm Breaker) Yasushi Kanda
6. Young Dragons Cup Semis: Kenichiro Arai (2:41 Ref Stop) SAITO
7. Young Dragons Cup Finals: Genki Horiguchi (7:05 GH Lock) Kenichiro Arai
8. Shiima Nobunaga, Sumo Fuji, Judo Suwa, Yoshikazu Taru (2-1) Magnum Tokyo, Dragon Kid, El Hijo Del Santo, Vampiro
①Vampiro (Pinfall) Taru
②SUWA (Pinfall) Santo
③Nobunaga (Mad Splash) Magnum

Toryumon Mexico #6

Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #6

1. SAITO (9:19 SAITO Special) Yasushi Kanda
2. Lady Apache (9:49 Front Cradle) La Diabolica
3. Lodi, Bluely, Silks (15:10 Backslide) Rockeros 1❌, 2, 3
4. Yamaha Cup Battle Royal (Full Results Unavailable, 12 Entrants total)
Shiima Nobunaga (4:44 Pinfall) Dragon Kid
5. Felino, Emilio Charles Jr., Atlantis (2-1) Scorpio Jr, La Fiera, Apolo Dantes
①Scorpio Team (6:59 Simultaneous Fall) Felino Team
②Atlantis (2:34 Pinfall) Fiera
③Charles (3:24 Pinfall) Dantes
5. 3 vs. 3 Elimination Match: Magnum Tokyo, SAITO, Dragon Kid (3-2) Shiima Nobunaga, Sumo Fuji, Judo Suwa
①Fuji (11:29 Choke Slam) SAITO
②Magnum (3:14 La Magistral) Fuji
③Kid (3:12 Hurricanrana) SUWA
④Shiima (1:48 Pinfall) Kid
⑤Magnum (6:42 Pinfall) Shiima

Toryumon Mexico #5

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #5

1. Lady Apache (13:27 German Suplex) La Diabolica
2. El Brazo, Brazo de Oro⭕, Karloff Karde Jr. (11:55 Pinfall) Nuevo Mr. Niebla, Kendo, Tony Rivera❌
3. Mexico State Trios Titles: Shiima Nobunaga, Sumo Fuji, Judo Suwa⭕ (20:13 Diving Headbutt) Magnum Tokyo, Dragon Kid, SAITO❌
4. Yuji Nagata⭕, Vampiro Canadiense (8:26 Nagata Lock) Black Magic, Silver King❌
5. Ultimo Dragon, El Hijo Del Santo (2-1) Black Warrior, Negro Casas
①Ultimo (11:24 New La Magistral) Casas
②Casas (6:13 La Magistral) Santo
③Santo (5:00 Caballo) Casas

Toryumon Mexico #4

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #4

1. Damiencito⭕, El Guerrero (10:23 Modified Rib Breaker) Ultimo Dragoncito
2. Kendo, Solar #1⭕ (13:18 Fantasia) Diablo Guerrero, Gran Futuro
3. Lelevos Cibernetico Elimination Match: Shiima Nobunaga, Sumo Fuji, Judo Suwa, Arkangel, Dr. Cerebro def. SAITO, Dragon Kid, Magnum Tokyo, Tony Rivera, Shinobi
①Cerebro (11:40 Millionaro) Saito
②Arkangel (2:03 Power Bomb) Shinobi
③Rivera (0:34 Universal) Cerebro
④Rivera (4:02 Pinfall) Arkangel
⑤Magnum (3:53 Avalanche Frankensteiner) Suwa
⑥Fuji (1:40 Low Blow) Rivera
⑦Magnum (1:28 Aztec Suplex) Fuji
⑧Shiima (5:48 Diving Kneel Kick) Magnum
☆DK was eliminated due to injury
4. Dr. Wagner Jr., Bestia Salvage, Scorpio Jr.⭕ (21:42 Power Bomb) Ultimo Dragon, Shiryu, Tsubasa❌

Toryumon Mexico #3

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #3

1. Young Dragons Cup: Magnum Tokyo (8:53 La Magistral) Judo Suwa
2. Young Dragons Cup: Dr. Cerebro (6:10 Missionero) SAITO
3. Young Dragons Cup: Tony Rivera (2:31 BCF) Sumo Fuji
4. Young Dragons Cup: Shiima Nobunaga (Texas Cloverhold) Dragon Kid
5. Young Dragons Cup Semifinal: Magnum Tokyo (6:57 La Magistral) Dr. Cerebro
6. Young Dragons Cup Semifinal: Tony Rivera (1:09 Standing Clutch) Shiima Nobunaga
7. Kendo, Tsubasa⭕, Shiryu (10:06 Phoenix Splash) Black Warrior, Violencia, Rey Buccanero❌
8. Young Dragons Cup Finals: Magnum TOKYO (8:06 La Magistral) Tony Rivera
9. NWA Middleweight Championship Match: Ultimo Dragon (19:19 Dragon Sleeper) Dr. Wagner Jr.

Toryumon Mexico #2

Mexico, Arena Naucalpan
Toryumon Mexico #2

1. Mini Black Con⭕, Mini White Con (20:34 Pinfall) Officiarito, Patchouli Pan❌
2. Cassandra, Morgana (12:24 Double Schoolboy) Irma Aguila, Super Chick
3. Magnum Tokyo⭕, Shiima Nobunaga (14:28 La Magistral) Judo Suwa❌, Sumo Fuji
4. Tsubasa, Kendo, Super Astro (2-1) Brazo de Plata, El Blanc, Arcon Negro
①Tsubasa (9:35 Pinfall) Plata
②Plata (1:19 Fisherman Suplex) Astro
③Tsubasa (3:51 Hurricanrana) Negro
5. Ultimo Dragon, Atlantis (2-1) Emilio Charles Jr, La Fiera
①Charles (5:58 Pinfall) Dragon
②Dragon (3:48 Hurricanrana) Fiera
③Dragon (7:23 Dragon Sleeper) Charles