Category: Open the New Year Gate 2017

01/29 Open the New Year Gate

Hyogo, Akashi Sangyou Kouryu Center
900 Attendance

1. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk, Kzy (14:20 Boston Crab) Jimmy K-ness J.K.S, Ben-K, Shun Skywalker❌
2. Naruki Doi (14:02 Schoolboy) “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa
3. Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora⭕ (10:31 Gurumakakari) CIMA, Takehiro Yamamura❌
4. Dragon Kid⭕, Eita (9:49 Bible) Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu❌
5. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, El Lindaman (17:58 Pumping Bomber) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Susumu

01/28 Open the New Year Gate

Aichi, Toukai Municipal Gymnasium
Dragon Kid Homecoming
1100 Attendance

1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Jimmy Kagetora (14:18 SaiRyo Rocket) Naruki Doi, Yuki Yoshioka❌, Shun Skywalker
2. BxB Hulk (9:02 E.V.O.) Takehiro Yamamura
3. YAMATO, Kzy⭕ (14:37 kzytime) Jimmy K-ness J.K.S, Hyou Watanabe❌
4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu⭕ (15:06 Shot-put Slam) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda❌
5. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕, Eita (18:09 Bible) Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman❌

01/27 Open the New Year Gate

Aichi, Loisir Hotel Toyohashi
Hyou Watanabe Homecoming
900 Attendance

1. YAMATO⭕, Kzy (14:23 Brainbuster) Jimmy K-ness J.K.S., Shun Skywalker❌
2. BxB Hulk (9:23 First Flash) Jimmy Kanda
3. Naruki Doi⭕, Masaaki Mochizuki (13:57 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Eita, Takehiro Yamamura❌
4. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕ (14:52 Bible) Jimmy Kagetora, Big R Shimizu❌
5. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, Mondai Ryu, El Lindaman (23:45 Pumping Bomber) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Susumu, Hyou Watanabe❌

01/23 Open the New Year Gate

Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall
850 Attendance

1. BxB Hulk⭕, Don Fujii, Shachihoko BOY (11:44 First Flash) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda
2. Naruki Doi (7:51 No Contest due to Verserk interference) Jimmy Kagetora
3. Jimmy Susumu⭕, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S. (10:38 Jumbo no Kachi!) Masaaki Mochizuki, Kotoka❌
4. Gamma, Takehiro Yamamura, Yuki Yoshioka (16:58 Disqualification) T-Hawk, El Lindaman, Mondai Ryu
5. Shingo Takagi, Cyber Kong⭕ (14:20 Pineapple Bomber) Masato Yoshino, Ben-K❌
6. YAMATO, Kzy⭕, Big R Shimizu (17:27 Skayde Schoolboy) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Eita❌

Hulk talked about his slump to start the year, and his upcoming title match with YAMATO. He gave YAMATO credit for knowing just the thing he needed to get himself back on track. He promised to take down YAMATO and take the title.

Yoshino & Ben-K came to save Doi from the Verserk attack after match two. T-Hawk said this had nothing to do with them. Why were they here? Yoshino said Doi looked like he needed saving. Takagi was irritated at his stress relief being interrupted. He was in no mood to deal with this right now. He demanded the Kobe fans root for Verserk this year before leading his troops out. Doi also wondered why they were here. Yoshino said Doi looked like he wanted to be rescued. Doi told him to stop stealing his lines. He figured Yoshino just had a crush on him. Yoshino replied that if Doi had a crush on him he should just come out and say so. Doi got flustered. For a guy called Speed Star it sure took him a long time to get out here. Slow star maybe. Since this match got ruined, he demanded Yoshino put on a good show later.

Verserk were assisted by Dr. Muscle in match four. He & Lindaman ran with wild box attacks to cause the no contest. They focused on Gamma and injured his elbow. He ran down Gamma and his greenhorn partners. He also took glee in ruining the match for the fans that rejected him. This Dr. Muscle isn’t the one that has been appearing lately. You could call this one Dr. Verserk. Best buds Doi & Yoshino, all the other units, and the fans will all see a new brand of hell this year.

Punch Tominaga confronted Eita after the main event. He gave him all kinds of grief for losing in Korakuen, now here he is losing. What kind of champion loses in matches like this? Eita said a guy who doesn’t even have matches is in no position to criticize. DK tried to play peacemaker. With Ishida out and now Gamma possibly injured, Over Generation couldn’t afford to have such petty internal squabbles. This fell on deaf ears, so CIMA intervened. He agreed with what Kid was saying. However, he knew that this wasn’t going to just go away. Eita has an important title match coming up, and if this keeps up it will just be a distraction. He proposed Eita & Punch face off in a singles match at the 02/19 Sambo Hall to settle things.

Tribe Vanguard closed the show. YAMATO said in the 11 years he has known Kzy, he has never seen him on such a roll. He is sure this will bring Tribe the Twin Gate on 02/12. He also talked about the upcoming Dream Gate title match. He’s happy his gamble paid off and Hulk is motivated again. They both promised to hold nothing back in the match.

01/22 Open the New Year Gate

Gifu, Gifu Juroku Plaza
“Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa Homecoming
800 Attendance

0. Shun Skywalker (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Kotoka
1. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk⭕, El Lindaman (13:28 Night Ride) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Yuki Yoshioka❌
2. Naruki Doi (9:23 Bakatare Sliding Kick) Hyou Watanabe
3. Kzy⭕, Diablo (11:58 Impact) Eita, Takehiro Yamamura❌
4. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk (14:23 Galleria) Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌
5. Jimmy Susumu⭕, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda (17:30 Jumbo no Kachi!) Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌

01/21 Open the New Year Gate

Shizuoka, Fuji City Fujisanmesse
450 Attendance

1. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman⭕ (14:16 Tiger Suplex Hold) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda, Hyou Watanabe❌
2. Don Fujii (9:45 HIMEI) Yuki Yoshioka
3. Naruki Doi, Masaaki Mochizuki⭕ (0:13 Middle Kick) Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
3b. Naruki Doi⭕, Masaaki Mochizuki (10:13 Schoolboy) Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
4. Masato Yoshino⭕, Kotoka (13:18 Lucha Libre Classica 1) Eita, Shun Skywalker❌
5. YAMATO, BxB Hulk⭕, Kzy (24:24 First Flash) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Takehiro Yamamura❌

01/20 Open the New Year Gate

Aichi, Nagoya Nakamura Sports Center
650 Attendance

0. Yuki Yoshioka (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Hyou Watanabe
1. Naruki Doi, Don Fujii, Big R Shimizu⭕ (13:43 Shot-put Slam) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!❌, Jimmy Kanda, Jimmy Kagetora
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (8:11 Shin Saikyo High Kick) Takehiro Yamamura
3. Eita⭕, Gamma (12:36 Pin) Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌
4. CIMA, Dragon Kid⭕ (15:01 Bible) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito❌
5. YAMATO⭕, BxB Hulk, Kzy (19:09 Galleria) Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman❌

01/19 Open the New Year Gate

Aichi, Okazaki Tatsumigaoka Hall
600 Attendance

0. El Lindaman (4:49 Tiger Suplex Hold) Hyou Watanabe
1. Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, Mondai Ryu (14:05 Pumping Bomber) Masato Yoshino, Big R Shimizu❌, Kotoka
2. Masaaki Mochizuki (10:35 Twister) Takehiro Yamamura
3. Dragon Kid⭕, Gamma (12:27 Bible) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora❌
4. CIMA, Eita⭕ (14:04 Hurricanrana) Naruki Doi, Don Fujii❌
5. YAMATO, BxB Hulk⭕, Kzy (18:12 First Flash Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda❌

01/18 Open the New Year Gate

Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
1850 Attendance

1. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament 1st Round: YAMATO, BxB Hulk, Kzy⭕ (8:00 Impact) Don Fujii, Hyou Watanabe❌, Yuki Yoshioka
2. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament 1st Round: Masato Yoshino, Ben-K⭕, Kotoka (4:27 Ben-K Bomb) Eita, Takehiro Yamamura, Punch Tominaga❌
3. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament 1st Round: Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito⭕, Jimmy Kanda (6:21 SaiRyo Rocket) “brother” YASSHI, Cyber Kong, Mondai Ryu❌
4. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament 1st Round: Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, El Lindaman⭕ (9:41 Haraigoshi) Naruki Doi, Masaaki Mochizuki, Big R Shimizu❌
5. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament Semifinals:  Masato Yoshino, Kotoka⭕, Ben-K (9:18 Momo Latch) YAMATO, BxB Hulk❌, Kzy
6. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament Semifinals: Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk⭕, El Lindaman (11:02 Night Ride) Jimmy Susumu❌, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda
7. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora⭕, Yosuke Santa Maria, Shachihoko BOY (0:13 Uppercut) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Gamma, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
7b. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora, Yosuke Santa Maria⭕, Shachihoko BOY (11:08 Schoolgirl with Super Fast Count) CIMA, Dragon Kid, Gamma, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa❌
8. New Years Unit War 6 Man Tag Team Tournament Finals: Shingo Takagi⭕, T-Hawk, El Lindaman (17:04 MADE IN JAPAN) Masato Yoshino, Kotoka❌, Ben-K

Kzy celebrated. The engines were turned on, and there would be no stopping Tribe Vanguard this year.

Eita ripped on Tominaga. What was his problem? The first Korakuen Hall of the year and he is slacking off? They would have been better off with Ishida, even with the injury.

This was the fourth straight loss for Hulk. YAMATO wondered what was going on. He just wasn’t feeling it anymore? Kzy saw it too. This was going to be a tough year for everyone in Tribe Vanguard. If Hulk isn’t running with them at full speed, everyone will feel it. No one wants to see Hulk like this. He asked YAMATO what they should do. Hulk said YAMATO was right. He’s 0-4 so far this year. YAMATO was Dream Gate champion, Kzy & Maria were going after the Twin Gate, Flamita was doing his thing in Mexico. He is just holding them back right now. He was frustrated, and had no idea what to do.
YAMATO had an idea. Pro wrestlers need a goal. If they have a goal, they can fight through the tough times, the frustrating times. Hulk hasn’t had a goal since he returned from his injury. This is the real BxB Hulk. The real BxB Hulk is one of the faces of the company. If he needs a goal, YAMATO has one for him. The Open the Dream Gate championship. He challenged Hulk to come after it. They agreed to a title match for the 2/2 Korakuen Hall show.

T-Hawk celebrated the totally clean and fair win over the Triangle Gate champion team. He called out the Yoshino team. Was Yoshino really sure he wanted to fight with these two? Ben-K was powerful but had nothing else going for him. As for Kotoka…seriously? He’s going to try and challenge with these clowns?
Yoshino ripped on T-Hawks’ promo skills. To answer his question, yes he was serious. Was he watching the first round? Ben-K scored the win. Kotoka pinned BxB Hulk in the semifinal. They were going to beat Verserk in the finals.

Verserk attacked Yoshino after the main event until Dr. Muscle made the save. He unmasked to reveal Naruki Doi. He & Yoshino shared a firm handshake. He was here to save the day. Together with Yoshino, Kotoka, & Ben-K, they stood up to Verserk. T-Hawk panicked and demanded they back off. What was Doi doing on here? His team lost in the first round. He should have gotten changed and headed home already. What was up with this cosplay crap? Both sides agreed to face off in an 8 man tag match at the 2/2 Korakuen.
Takagi was disgusted by this turn of events. Doi & Yoshino teaming again? Friendship club horseshit. No one wants to see these guys as a team. Whatever. With that loser Kotoka and that greenhorn Ben-K on the team they would go down easy.

Doi & Yoshino closed the show with some banter.

01/15 Open the New Year Gate

Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
1700 Attendance

1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora⭕, Jimmy Kanda (11:52 Gurumakakari) Gamma, Punch Tominaga❌, Hyou Watanabe
2. T-Hawk, El Lindaman⭕ (12:38 Tiger Suplex Hold) Eita❌, Takehiro Yamamura
3. Masaaki Mochizuki⭕, Don Fujii (14:23 Shin Saikyo High Kick) Kotoka❌, Ben-K
4. Shingo Takagi⭕, Cyber Kong (15:00 Half Boston Crab) Big R Shimizu, Kaito Ishida❌
5. Kzy, Yosuke Santa Maria⭕ (15:17 Neraiuchi) CIMA, Dragon Kid❌
6. Masato Yoshino⭕, Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito (22:08 Sol Naciente) YAMATO, BxB Hulk❌, Naruki Doi

El Lindaman taunted the Osaka fans, along with the so-called “strongest middleweight champion” Eita. Give the guy who got pinned today a hand. Last year, he challenged for the Brave Gate and lost. But he only lost due to outside interference. He’s beaten Eita twice in recent times, so that qualifies him for another shot. He wants it right here in Osaka in March, so he can throw it back in the faces of these idiot fans that made a fool of him last year. They will have to give him the respect he is due when he becomes Brave Gate champion. Eita admitted that there was interference in their last match. But a win is a win. He can have a rematch, but he isn’t going to win. Eita won’t lose to the likes of him. Linda has 2 wins on him, there will not be a third. Linda can train all he wants. Eita will win. Don’t take your eyes off him.

Mochizuki told Kotoka & Ben-K that even though they have been coming together as a team, this kind of effort won’t bring them any success in Dragon Gate. Ben-K has huge potential, but it can be wasted if he doesn’t have the right person leading him. He urged him to think about that. As for Kotoka; he has been given some leeway by the fans since his return from injury. If you don’t wrestle, you don’t get paid. So he probably has no savings left. He will have to fight and claw to survive. If they need guidance from Mochizuki & Fujii, they will be there. Ben-K thanked them, and promised to take this advice to heart. He & Kotoka will do their best to win. Because he is Ben-K!

Maria & Kzy celebrated. Maria had something to say to CIMA. When Kzy beat him yesterday, CIMA refused to give him a Twin Gate match. Today, Maria pinned DK. He can’t refuse now. Kzy was in on the idea. Tribe Vanguard would be going on the offensive this year.
CIMA said Tribe Vanguard has already ruined 2017 for Over Generation. This wasn’t going to be their year. CK-1 would put a stop to that. Then Over Generation would throw all their support behind Gamma as he goes for the Dream Gate….

YAMATO wondered what was going on with Hulk. Two matches, two losses. If Tribe Vanguard is going to succeed as a unit, they need Hulk playing a lead role. Maria & Kzy are doing their part in going for the Twin Gate. He knows Hulk is capable of more. He wondered if Hulk was fighting with any sort of purpose since he came back. He figures Hulk needs something to light a fire under him. YAMATO needs to take some time to think about what that might be. He left alone.
Doi was a little more cordial. You win some, you lose some. Good times, bad times, etc. YAMATO was sure being a prick about things. Leaving Hulk out here like this, that is taking it a bit far. It’s ok though. He would gladly walk Hulk out. They left together.

Yoshino & the Jimmyz shared some banter to close the show. Yoshino considered becoming Jimmy Masato and joining them. Kagetora suggested Masato Jimino. Susumu offered Jimmito Yoshino. Both those were rejected. Saito came up with Jimmito Jimino. Kanda recalled he was once YOSSINO, so maybe he could be JIMMINO. Eventually they decided that the whole thing was a bad idea, so he won’t be joining them.

01/14 Open the New Year Gate Kickoff

Kyoto, KBS Hall
900 Attendance

1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!⭕, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Jimmy Kanda (13:14 Backslide from Heaven) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kagetora, Jimmy K-ness J.K.S.❌
2. Kzy (3:43 Skayde Schoolboy) CIMA
3. Naruki Doi (8:12 Disqualification) El Lindaman
4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Big R Shimizu⭕ (15:37 Shot-put Slam) Eita, Takehiro Yamamura, Kaito Ishida❌
5. Dragon Kid⭕, Gamma (14:23 Bible) YAMATO, BxB Hulk
6. Shingo Takagi, T-Hawk, Cyber Kong⭕ (18:37 Cyber Bomb) Masato Yoshino, Kotoka, Ben-K

Kzy celebrated his big win over CIMA. CIMA said even he is not Stalker Ichikawa, he wanted a restart. He eventually gave in and admitted defeat. Kzy deserved a New Year’s gift for his win. He could have anything he wanted. Anything? In that case, he wanted a Twin Gate title match. CIMA told him not to get carried away. How about the Brave Gate? CIMA didn’t have the authority to do that. That was Eitas’ business. CIMA told him to think about it until the next show in Kyoto.
Scoring such an important win on the first show of the year was going to set the tone for Kzy. He promised big things from both himself and Tribe Vanguard in 2017.

Verserk jumped Doi during his match, and left him laying. CIMA, DK, & Gamma attempted to make the save but were held off. While Verserk was distracted with them, Metal Warrior & Dr. Muscle came out and carried him backstage.

Shimizu berated Ishida & Yamamura for their recent slump. Dragon Gate was counting on them to carry it into the future. They can’t even carry themselves. Mochizuki was a little more lenient. He was impressed by how they fought against himself & Fujii. He expected blood, sweat, & tears from them this year. Shimizu quickly apologized to them and told them to try hard. Eita also told them to get their shit together. Kzy came out while this was going on. He still wanted a Brave Gate title match and was here to inform Eita.
El Lindaman came out of nowhere and delivered a German Suplex to Kzy. A new year, but the same Kzy. No one wanted to hear his incessant chatter. This microphone belonged to El Lindaman! He also reminded Eita that it was only a matter of time before the Brave Gate belt was around his waist.

YAMATO wrote off the Hulk loss as him still being hungover from the various New Year festivities. Tribe Vanguard would break their slump and live up to their name in 2017.

Cyber ran down the Kyoto locals as redneck idiots. This year will be just like last year. Verserk and the Muscle Beast Cyber Kong will rule. Takagi dismissed Yoshino & co as jobbers. Ben-K? What a joke. Verserk are the supreme unit. Verserk left.

Yoshino lamented his first promo of 2017 being under such poor circumstances.
Kotoka was still reeling from all that happened in 2016. He wasn’t going to give up on his quest to demolish Verserk. While everyone else was enjoying the time off, he was training and thinking about revenge. The losing ends today. He asked Yoshino to continue fighting with him. Yoshino said that if it was this fired up version of Kotoka, then he would be happy to. He also made a promise to Ben-K to take him under his wing. Together they would sprint into 2017.