The rules for the Dead or Alive 2017 steel cage main event have been announced and are as follows.

-Flags will be place at the top of the cage at each corner. The Dream Gate title belt will be placed on the center pole.
-The Takagi, Kong, Hulk, & Doi must first retrieve a flag. Once they have done so, they will gain Dream Gate challenger status.
-The four challengers can be eliminated via pin or submission at any time during the match. This can occur before they are able to retrieve a challenger flag. An eliminated competitor must leave the cage.
-YAMATO must compete during the entire match, but will not be able to retrieve the title belt until there is only 1 challenger remaining. He can not be eliminated via pin fall or submission at any point during the match.
-The match will progress until YAMATO and 1 challenger remain. The match can then be won by retrieving the Dream Gate title belt to win.
-The final competitor left in the cage will lose their hair or mask.