I’m sorry for the long delay, but today I am happy to begin pre-orders on the DRAGON GATE Official International Store. We are still in the preparation stage, so all products are not yet available for pre-order. This should be considered the soft launch, with the full-fledged launch coming around the time of GATE OF DESTINY. Orders that are placed now will begin to ship around that time. Right now, we really have no idea what the reaction to this will be. For awhile we will be erring on the conservative side.

We will ship worldwide, so no matter where you live you will now have the chance to purchase official DRAGON GATE merchandise, directly from the company.

Regarding shirt sizes, since this is a frequent question. We will only be offering Japanese sizes at this time. Large & Medium will be stocked regularly. Small will be available upon request for select items.

If you have any questions before you order, do not hesitate to contact me at info@iheartdg.com

Thank you, and please buy everything.

DRAGON GATE International Store