January 16th, 2019 Open the New Year Gate 2019

January 16th, 2019
Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
Open the New Year Gate 2019
Attendance: 1615

1. Ryo Saito, Super Shisa⭕️, “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa, Shachihoko Boy, Hiroshi Yamato (6:47 Yoshitonic) Gamma, K-ness., “brother” YASSHI❌, Problem Dragon, Misterioso
2. Rookie Ranking Tournament 3rd Place Decision Match: Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (11:47 Inside Cradle) U-T❌
3. Eita⭕️, Takashi Yoshida, Yasushi Kanda (7:21 Imperial Uno) Don Fujii❌, Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura
4. PAC, Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K, KAZMA SAKAMOTO (16:19 Shot-put Slam) Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Jason Lee❌
5. Rookie Ranking Tournament Finals: Shun Skywalker⭕️ (18:59 Skywalker Moonsault) Kaito Ishida❌
6. Kzy⭕️, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi (12:59 Kzy Time) YAMATO❌, Kagetora, KAI
7. ☆Dragon Gate 20th Anniversary Commemoration Special Match Vol.1☆
★Masaaki Mochizuki 25th Anniversary Commemoration Special Singles Match★
Shuji Kondo⭕️ (16:22 King Kong Lariat) Masaaki Mochizuki❌

The non-R・E・D members of the roster gathered in the ring for an opening greeting delivered by Kzy. He wished everyone a Happy New Year and said that the company and the wrestlers have come this far thanks to the fan support. They will work hard to entertain them in 2019 and hopes they will continue to come to shows and have a good time.

Backstage, U-T expressed regret over finishing in 4th place in a tournament that started from his strife with Shun. It was hard to swallow, but this wasn’t the end of him. 2019 has only just begun.

After Eita destroyed the Brave Gate title belt back at Final Gate, Dragon Kid had it sent for repair. He unveiled the newly restored belt, complete with white strap. He hopes the color change will also bring about a change in feeling towards the title. He was looking forward to wearing it for many exciting title defenses.

During the match, Shimizu accidentally hit Ben on two occassions which caused some tension between the Twin Gate champions. Even though his mistakes didn’t cost R・E・D the match like it did in Osaka, his partners left him to celebrate by himself.

Kid was quick to point out the uneasiness in R・E・D, but then proceeded to put MaxiMuM on blast for being winless in 2019. Yoshino, the former Dream Gate champion himself, lost on opening day. Wins and losses are a part of wrestling so just once isn’t a big deal. But then on Sunday, DoiDoi & Jason both lost. Now again today. What is going on with everyone? He’s not mad at anyone, but because he loves MaxiMuM so much he feels that it is his responsibility as leader to say something. Doi, Yoshino, & Jason quickly left the ringside area while Kid backtracked from the comment. He was just hoping to engage in some back and forth. He understands his mistake. Ishida wasn’t here to warn him like the other day and he got carried away. He asked the editing team to cut this entire segment from the tape and for everyone watching the live to show to forget it every happened.

Shun offered Ishida a handshake, but he kicked his hand away. Shun went into the tournament convinced that he absolutely had to win. For his own sake and for the future of Dragon Gate. He’s happy to know that this tournament comprised of his him and his peers has drawn so much attention. He isn’t satisfied, though. They have another peer out there. Someone who has blown so far past them that they aren’t even considered to be in his league. He has to beat that peer. He called out Ben-K. They’ve been playing catch up to him this whole time. No more. He wanted him 1 on 1 next month in Korakuen Hall. Ben gave no response, since he doesn’t talk. Shun gave him two options. If he accepted his challenge, he could simply stay quiet and walk away. If he was refusing, he wanted him to take the microphone and say “No”. Ben took the microphone, but quickly dropped it without saying a word. The match was set for the February Korakuen.

Backstage, Ishida admitted that he never expected to lose and 2nd place is just the first loser. He tried to remain upbeat. This tournament proved valuable in many ways and he will use this experience to get back on a track to the top.

With the win over YAMATO, Kzy now has wins over all of the active current generation leaders. Last year, he got as far as challenging for the Dream Gate but it wasn’t enough. In the year that has past since then he has made his presence felt and he is now confident enough to challenge again. Mr. PAC. Please come to the ring right now. PAC came out. Kzy told him that wants to fight him and challenge him. He will be the next Dream Gate challenger. PAC was surprised by the guy he just knew as m.c.KZ. Does he have any idea who he is? His name is PAC and he is a very dangerous man. Challenge accepted. Kzy was looking forward to proving that he was very different from the m.c.KZ that PAC remembers. He asked GM Yagi to set the date.

Yagi set the match for February 10th in Hakata Star Lanes for two reasons. First, Fukuoka was deprived of a Dream Gate title match at Final Gate. Second, Hakata Star Lanes will be closing for renovation at the end of March, making this the final Dragon Gate show to be held in the famous building. He wants to make sure the last match is one that fits the occassion. He hopes the two can deliver.

Kzy was promising to win when Doi’s music interrupted. Doi, Yoshino, & Jason came to the ring. Doi took offense with Kzy using his & Yoshino’s name to get his title match. Yoshino was busy next month in Korakuen, but Doi didn’t have anything scheduled yet. He wasn’t just going to sit back and let Kzy get away with this. YAMATO jumped in. Doi should mind his business. YAMATO was planning on challenging Kzy for next month. Doi can get to the back of the line. They argued back and forth. Doi said since he lost to Kzy first he should get the first match. Kzy told them if they were so upset about losing to him, he would be more than happy to give them another taste. He was all about doing things loudly, though. If they both wanted a match, why not make it a 3 way? All sides agreed, so Kzy vs. Doi vs. YAMATO was set for February.

At this point, it was pointed out that Yoshino was standing around with his ring gear in his hand. Why?

He explained. After intermission, the second match into the Dragon Gate 20th Anniversary Celebration Series was announced. It will be Toryumon Japan vs. T2P. Don Fujii, Genki Horiguchi, Susumu Yokosuka, & Ryo Saito will represent the Japan side, while Yoshino, “brother” YASSHI, Shachihoko Boy, and special guest Toru Owashi will represent T2P. If he was going to represent T2P, it shouldn’t be as Masato Yoshino. Back then, he was someone entirely. The crowd chanted “YOSSINO”. Yes. If hw was going to represent T2P it would have to be as YOSSINO, complete with Tarzan style ring gear.
He asked YASSHI what he planned to do. If YOSSINO was coming back, then “brother” YASSINI would make the trip back from Genoa.
Shachihoko Boy was next. After some deliberation he decided he would compete as Shachihoko Machine……#2! Adding in Owashi making his first appearance in a DG ring in 14 years, it would complete the 7th graduating Toryumon class reunion. Except for one. Mr. Yagi. He was also a part of that class. After careful examination of his stomach it was determined that he was absolutely in no condition to compete. But there would be no one better to officiate the match. He happily accepted and reconfirmed the match details.

Toryumon Japan vs. T2P
Don Fujii, Genki Horiguchi, Susumu Yokosuka, & Ryo Saito vs. YOSSINO, “brother” YASSINI, Shachihoko Machine #2, & Toru Owashi

Yoshino had one more bit of news. Starting February 1st, Jason Lee will officially become a full time member of the Dragon Gate roster.

Kondo had a lot to say. Maybe too much to simply convey with words. He had one thing to say to Dragon Gate. For someone they fired, they sure have made him a lot of offers to come back! Jokes. Over time, many things happen, people come and go. One thing in all of this is a fact. Shuji Kondo got his start here and is a product of this organization. The wayward son has come home. He hoped that the fans would welcome him back. Even though they are old men now, he thanked Mochizuki for making this happen.

Mochizuki reminded him that while he was fired from Dragon Gate 14 years ago, 6 months before that it was Kondo that fired Mochizuki from Aaganiisou! But that was a long time ago. Kondo was young. The company itself was new. There were a lot of imcompatible parts. It took 14 years for it to happen, but it finally has. He thanked Kondo for finally coming home.

They exchanged pleasantries for awhile. Kondo brought up that next month, the secret weapon of Aaganiisou, Toru Owashi, would also be making his first appearance back in DG. Anyone that remembers Owashi from back then should prepare themselves because he is a totally different person now. Seriously. Entirely different. Kondo congratulated Mochizuki on his 25th and Dragon Gate on their 20th anniversaries. He would be satsified if it was just a one time homecoming for him, but if the stars align again then maybe this isn’t the last we see of Shuji Kondo in Dragon Gate.

25 years ago, Mochizuki came to Korakuen Hall to do a karate fighter vs. pro wrestler match. He was totally untrained in anything but karate. These 25 years have gone by very fast. He owes a lot to the fans. Pro wrestling isn’t just about the fight. The fans have to want to come see you fight. It’s been their voices and their support that has helped him go from untrained karate fighter to the wrestler that stands before them now. He noted that he has had special matches for his 10th, 15th, 20th, and now 25th anniversary. He lost all of them. Nevertheless, he is still a 3 time Dream Gate champion. At his current age, it seems impossible. But he also thought he was too old at his 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversaries. He’s not sure how far he can push on, but as long as he feels there is even the smallest of chances and he believes in himself, he will keep aiming for it. He hopes he will keep hearing the voices and support from the fans. He pointed out that he has actually been wrestling for 5 years longer than Dragon Gate has existed. The company was still young. The rookies put on a great show earlier. He hopes the fans will provide them with the same support they gave him as his career advanced. He promised them an entertaining year and hoped they would come along for the ride.

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January 14, 2019 Open the New Year Gate 2019

January 14th, 2019
Mie, Kuwana Yamamori Gym
Open the New Year Gate 2019
Attendance: 332

1. Don Fujii⭕️, Ryo Saito (12:11 Gene Clutch) Shun Skywalker, Yuki Yoshioka❌
2. Rookie Ranking Tournament 5th & 6th Place Decision Match: Hyo Watanabe⭕️ (9:32 Sabre) Kota Minoura❌
3. Masaaki Mochizuki, Kaito Ishida, KAI⭕️ (11:29 Meteo Impact) YAMATO, Kagetora❌, U-T
4. Eita⭕️, Big R Shimizu (16:02 Imperial Uno) Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka❌
5. PAC⭕️, Ben-K, Yasushi Kanda (14:33 Tombstone Piledriver) Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid, Jason Lee❌

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January 13, 2019 – Open the New Year Gate 2019

January 13th, 2019
Osaka, Edion Arena Osaka #2
Open the New Year Gate 2019
Attendance: 930

0. Hyo Watanabe△ (5:00 Time Limit Draw) Misterioso△
1. Eita⭕️ (1:46 Imperial Uno) Ryo Saito❌
2. Don Fujii⭕️, Gamma, K-ness. (11:24 Super Chokeslam) Masaaki Mochizuki, Genki Horiguchi, Problem Dragon❌
3. Rookie Ranking Tournament Semifinal: Shun Skywalker⭕️ (8:50 Pinfall) Yuki Yoshioka❌
4. Rookie Ranking Tournament Semifinal: Kaito Ishida⭕️ (16:48 Tiger Suplex Hold) U-T❌
5. Yasushi Kanda, Takashi Yoshida⭕️ (11:48 Cyber Bomb) Masato Yoshino, Jason Lee❌
6. Kzy⭕️, Susumu Yokosuka (16:48 Running Elbow Smash) Naruki Doi❌, Dragon Kid
7. YAMATO⭕️, Kagetora, KAI (14:28 Galleria) PAC, Big R Shimizu, Ben-K❌

Shun asserted himself as the top ranked member of Mochizuki Dojo. Still, Yoshioka is his peer, his rival, and his comrade in Mochizuki Dojo. He will carry his spirit with him in the finals on Wednesday.

Ishida claimed that the win today firmly put him ahead of U-T. As for Shun, he has been talking a lot about effort and opportunity, but he hasn’t actually accomplished anything. The unit battlefield is the core of Dragon Gate. Ishida went through great pains to get into MaxiMuM. He wasn’t going to lose to someone who wasn’t even in a unit. He may not be in a unit, but Shun Skywalker was aiming for the top of Dragon Gate and losing to Ishida in the finals wasn’t a part of that plan.

Even without the Triangle Gate, Kzy & Natural Vibes were going to be unstoppable in 2019. Wins over Yoshino & Doi on back-to-back days was proof. This was just the beginning. Kzy Time was just beginning.

Kid wondered what was going on with Doi & Yoshino. This year is the Dragon Gate’s 20th anniversary. Why was Yoshino so nonchalant about losing yesterday? Yoshino, Doi, & Jason have all lost over the last few days. Maybe they are still recovering from the holidays? He’s not mad at them and he doesn’t want to talk down to them. He knows they are great wrestlers and that MaxiMuM is the best unit, but as their leader(?) he wants them to say something. Ishida confirmed DK was not the leader. They joined as regular members. As for recovering from the holidays, Kid himself suffered a bout of influenza during the break. Even though he recovered before the first show, he shouldn’t be calling out the others like this after they supported him. DK conceded that Ishida was right. He should choose his words more carefully. Lesson learned. MaxiMuM will only grow stronger together in 2019!

YAMATO thanked KAI again for lending his aid to Tribe Vanguard in their time of need. There may be many fans that aren’t familiar with him, so KAI introduced himself. YAMATO wasn’t sure if Maria, Hulk, or Flamita would be around when DG returns to Osaka for Champion Gate in March, but KAI will give them the firepower that Tribe will need to get to that series in one piece. Since he won the match, KAI got to close out the show with a 1-2-3-Thank you!

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January 12, 2019 – Open the New Year Gate 2019

January 12, 2019
Kyoto, KBS Hall
Open the New Year Gate 2019
Attendance: 675

0. Kaito Ishida⭕️, Misterioso (6:08 German Suplex Hold) Problem Dragon, Shachihoko Boy❌
1. Eita⭕️ (3:24 Imperial Uno) Susumu Yokosuka❌
2. Rookie Ranking Tournament 1st Round A: Shun Skywalker⭕️ (8:22 Ashla) Dragon Dia❌
3. Rookie Ranking Tournament 1st Round B: Yuki Yoshioka⭕️ (11:48 Frog Splash) Hyo Watanabe❌
4. Rookie Ranking Tournament 1st Round C: U-T⭕️ (4:19 Bienllave) Kota Minoura❌
5. Big R Shimizu, Ben-K⭕️, Takashi Yoshida (9:35 Spear) Ryo Saito, Don Fujii, Gamma❌
6. K-ness., Kagetora⭕️ (9:05 Kagenui) Masaaki Mochizuki, Jason Lee❌
7. YAMATO, KAI⭕️ (12:39 Meteo Impact) PAC, Yasushi Kanda❌
8. Kzy⭕️, Genki Horiguchi, “brother” YASSHI (14:29 Running Elbow Smash) Masato Yoshino❌, Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid

The drawings for the Rookie Ranking tournament pairings was held at the top of the show. Ishida received the 1st round bye, while Dia vs. Skywalker, Watanabe vs. Yoshioka, and U-T vs. Minoura were set as 1st round matches.

Dia wanted to prove he had changed from last year and would do so by winning today.

Skywalker said that to reach the top of Dragon Gate, he had no other option besides winning the entire tournament. He would prove to everyone he has what it takes.

Watanabe & Yoshioka are contemporaries. Watanabe wanted to finally get one step ahead of him by winning today.

Yoshioka looked forward to beating his Mochizuki Dojo classmate fair and square.

Minoura was going to treat every match like it was a huge one and was aiming to win them all.

U-T proclaimed that he was on a totally different level than the others, so him winning was the safe bet. To get to the top, winning was the only option.

Yoshioka & Skywalker had a confrontation after their semi final pairing was set. Yoshioka was going to finally beat him and establish himself as the top student in Mochizuki Dojo. Then he would go on to win the whole tournament on the 16th. His goals resonated with Skywalker. He saw the same results in his own future. He was looking forward to their match tomorrow. Yoshioka was going to make all of the recent accomplishments Skywalker has made for naught tomorrow and hoped he would bring his best. They shook hands.

Things weren’t so sportsmanlike when it came to U-T & Ishida. U-T put over Minoura for showing what he was made of, but there was just no way he was going to beat U-T in this spot. As for the kick boy, tomorrow in Osaka one of his kicks would be turned into a llave for the tap out. Ishida said he talked a lot of shit for someone who can only do bullshit submissions. Back in Tokyo, he said he hates how Ishida talks in provocative Kansai dialect. Will he have the balls to say he hates Kansai dialect in front of the Osaka people? Of course not. His words were bullshit too. U-T told him the only Kansaiben words Ishida would be saying tomorrow are “I give up”. A brawl broke out between the two.

YAMATO talked about the recent woes in Tribe Vanguard. Maria & Hulk are hurt, Flamita went home to Mexico. Right now, they only have three members. There isn’t much they can do in their current state. To start the 20th anniversary year in such a state is troubling. Is there anyone out there willing to lend a hand to these lost lambs? The crowd began to chant for KAI. YAMATO also appealed to him. KAI quickly agreed to assist them. KAI had previously said he was hoping to make a bigger impact in Dragon Gate this year so he was happy to have some friends. KAI & YAMATO as a team has a bit of a nostalgic feel. (Referring to KAI and his previous team with Hiroshi Yamato). He admitted that one of his reasons for joining was so he could be on the same team as Maria. She pulled a lot of her usual stunts in him back when he first started in DG. Being on the same side means he doesn’t have to deal with that. YAMATO told him that was not necessarily the case, but he would advise Maria on the matter. He hadn’t really planned on asking KAI to join, just help them out. He figured the answer would be yes, so he prepared a thank you gift. He presented KAI with a full set of his Almighty Curry, Pasta Sauce, and Beef Stew. With KAI now I’m the fold and Hulk working towards his comeback, Tribe Vanguard was going to keep going full speed ahead in 2019.

Natural Vibes came together last May here in Kyoto. Even though they are no longer Triangle Gate champions, he feels they have made their mark as a unit. He was the winner in the last match of 2018 and now again here in the first main event of 2019. A win over former Dream Gate champion Masato Yoshino that came not from a flash pin, but from the point of his elbow. He sees a vision for this year and he plans on making it a reality. He was going to become the face of this place. Speaking as the leader of Natural Vibes and for himself, the fans here and Kyoto and the fans watching on the Dragon Gate Network should expect big things from Kzy in 2019. The scenery is changing and he was going to be the one showing it to us.

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December 26, 2018 – Fantastic Gate 2018 Finale

December 26, 2018
Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall
Fantastic Gate 2018 Finale
Attendance: 884

0. K-ness.⭕️ (5:21 Hikari no Wa) Shachihoko Boy❌
1. Eita⭕️, Takashi Yoshida, Yasushi Kanda (12:58 Superkick) Ryo Saito, “brother” YASSHI, Problem Dragon❌
2. Kagetora⭕️ (8:09 Kusabi) Kota Minoura❌
3. Shun Skywalker⭕️, Hyo Watanabe (9:55 Skywalker Moonsault) Don Fujii, Gamma❌
4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Yuki Yoshioka (14:13 Pinfall) Masato Yoshino, Kaito Ishida
5. Big R Shimizu⭕️, Ben-K (20:07 Shot-put Slam) YAMATO, U-T❌
6. Kzy⭕️, Genki Horiguchi, Susumu Yokosuka (17:02 Running Elbow Smash) Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid, Jason Lee❌

Eita said that even though he lost his hair, nothing has changed. R・E・D controls Dragon Gate and to a man, the rest of the roster will be destroyed. Not just in Japan, but all over the world.

With his second victory of the month over Ishida, Yoshioka claimed to have him totally figured out. The Rookie Ranking tournament pairings will be decided by lottery, but if he gets Ishida it will be a sure win for him. Ishida told him he had nothing but some fluke pins. He lost today because of the damage Mochizuki did to his leg. Without that, he would have won. It had nothing to do with Yoshioka. Yoshioka borrowed a quote from Ishida’s partner. A flash pin is still a win. Yoshino had to concede. Flash pins are great. Roll up and don’t shut up. Ishida should just take the loss and learn from it. Ishida owned up to it. A loss is a loss, but the tournament was the bigger picture. He wasn’t just thinking about the first round. He was planning on winning the whole thing. Yoshioka is beneath him and the ranking at the end of the tournament will prove it because the #1 will be Kaito Ishida of MaxiMuM. Mochizuki agreed that a flash pins are great to have in your arsenal. He lost the Dream Gate to Yoshino via a flash pin. He wondered why Yoshioka used honorifics while addressing Yoshino, but not him. No big deal. He also agreed with what Ishida said. Yoshioka should be thinking beyond the first round. He should be going into this tournament planning to win it and prove he is better than Ishida. He won the match today but Ishida bested him on the microphone, so today is a draw. He praised Shun & Hyo for winning, and even though Minoura lost he’s growing. He doesn’t know what the tournament pairings will look like but he hopes to see them all as the final four. Yoshioka finished by promising to carry this momentum into 2019 and to win the rookie tournament.

After intermission, it was announced that on January 9th, a new weekly program called “Cutting Edge Battle Dragon Gate” would begin airing on the Kansai based MBS TV network. The 30 minute show will air every Wednesday night (Thursday morning) at 2:30 AM.

2018 was a huge year for Kzy, so it was fitting that he got the win in the final match. Even though they lost the Triangle Gate in Fukuoka, Natural Vibes had no plans on stopping. He already sees a new vision. Their unit became a force in 2018 and in 2019, so will Kzy.

A lot of things happened in 2018. The company structure changed and some birds left the nest. It was not seen as a desperate situation, but as a chance. For the fans to continue to come see them it just gives them more drive to keep going. He thinks this their strongest trait. Next year is the 20th anniversary. There will be a new weekly show on network TV. There are nothing but great things to look forward to in 2019. For the fans here and those watching on the network, check it. Thank you for coming this year and he hopes to see all their smiling faces again next year. See you in 2019!

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