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  • Real Name: Makoto Saito
  • Hometown: Nerima, Tokyo
  • Date of Birth: 4/16/1974
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 74kg
  • Entrance Theme: BURST OUT (performed by YO-HEI feat. Masaaki Endou)
  • Debut Match: 4/23/1996 vs. Wellington Wilkins Jr.
  • Trademarks: Hikari no Wa, Darkness Buster, Aoki Hikari, Kaishaku
  • Official Blog: K-ne Channel

  • A product of the Animal Hamaguchi Gym, K-ness debuted with Michinoku Pro, in the same match as Gamma. He spent some time on the indy scene, before debuting in Toryumon as the face painted vampire MAKOTO. He lost a loser leaves Toryumon match at World 2000, marking the end of his maskless career. He returned as the masked Darkness Dragon, the dark antagonist to Dragon Kid. They feuded for several years, culminating in a mask match in 2002. He lost his mask, but would soon put on a new one, becoming K-ness. Injuries have plagued him for most of his career, frequently putting an end to any momentum he has gained. After some time as a background player, he began a resurgence in 2013 that resulted in his first ever attempt on the Dream Gate. He returned to the front lines as a member of We Are Team Veteran. He was selected to join MAD BLANKEY during their Doi Darts supplemental draft. He quickly embraced it, tapping into the darkness that lie dormant inside him.