Since this is a slow news week, I wanted to take some time to talk about the official English social media accounts that we recently introduced.

Some of the things that I was hoping to be able to do are apparently not possible. For example, the recent Yosuke Santa Maria interview that was posted on the Facebook page ended up being deleted because it was a translation of content from a subscription based system for Japanese fans. To protect that paid content, I will not be able to post things like this. Similarly, show results will be on a 24-hour delay on those pages for the same reasons.

Updates on this page will continue as usual. There probably will not be much day-to-day content on those pages that you wouldn’t find here. There will be some features and interviews that I conduct myself, but news and such will be the usual things.

This, of course, begs the question “What is the point?”. The point is, these pages at this present time are purely symbolic. The more likes and follows they get, the more your existence matters. Right now, these things (and the store) only exist because I offered to do them. Follow the Twitter, like the Facebook, and be engaged. Make it worth it. For them and for me. If you want more things for the English speaking audience we have to prove that you are there.

Dragon Gate news and information will no longer be posted to my Twitter account. I have changed the handle and everything to make it a fully personal account. I want to make it abundantly clear that anything I post there is not an official statement or at all related to DG. It will probably be a really boring account, so feel free to unfollow it. All I ask is you follow @Dragon Gate EN first. You can also like the Facebook page at DragonGateEN.

Thank you for the support. It can only be possible if you help me make it possible.