Hi everyone.

I just wanted to give an update on the status for those with pending orders, or those who plan on ordering items soon.

The situation is, there have been some logisitical issues as far as the merchandise department getting the appropriate items to me. At the last Korakuen Ball show I was supposed to get everything needed to cover orders made to that point. Upon returning home I found numerous size mistakes and missing items. Making matters worse, we are currently in the middle of model refreshes so certain shirts have gone out of print or permanently out of stock. If your order falls into that category I have already contacted you. The merchandise people have a list that is up to date with any outstanding items as of this post. They have promised to send them to me via express mail this week, but as this week is a long series of shows on consecutive days I am not comfortable making the same promise. However, the worst case scenario is the 12/03 Korakuen.

Orders will be shipped as I receive the items. Thank you your patience.